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! '-TO 


*V r > 


B A Y P A T H 








Longmeadow, MA 























2 Presidents ' Message 

President's Message 

As a new member of the community, I have discovered in a short time the value of a Bay Path education as well as 
the many exciting opportunities for learning and leadership that are available to all of us. I feel particularly enriched by 
the Bay Path experience because I have benefited from my interaction with all the members of the community, espe- 
cially the students. 

The academic year has now drawn to a close. I know you will have fond memories of the faculty and staff who have 
taken extra time to assist you with an assignment, to listen to a personal concern, or to encourage your participation in 
one of the many student clubs and organizations. I know you are confident in your abilities to work effectively with 
and to motivate others because you have had opportunities to use your leadership skills. I know you will never forget 
the friendships you developed this year and the lifelong bonds that were created here. 

Perhaps more than anything, I am confident that your Bay Path education has encouraged you to explore the world 
of ideas, to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the arts and sciences, and to make a difference in this world. I hope 
your studies with our talented and dedicated faculty have provided a glimpse into the variety of stimulating careers or 
further education you may pursue. I hope your participation in one or more of our extracurricular activities has opened 
a new world of possibilities for how you may offer your leadership skills and many talents to the civic, arts, and com- 
munity service organizations that require your contribution of time and energy. For those of you who have been volun- 
teers while at Bay Path, you clearly understand the importance of dedicating your time and energy to worthy causes. 
Your years as a college student are brief, but your years as a citizen in a society that needs strong and caring women 
will be many, and I urge you to make a difference in all that you do. 

I sincerely wish only the very best that life has to offer you and that you will never forget each year you spent with us 
at Bay Path. It is here that the doors of opportunity are opened ever so slightly so that you may open them more full\ 
onto a world of satisfying adventures and experiences. We will never forget you and as future alumnae of Bay Path, we 
will depend upon you for new ideas and support to keep Bay Path a thriving and strong institution. 

I know I speak for the entire Bay Path community when I say we have learned much from you and we thank you tor 
being such an important contributor to the Bay Path family. Personally, it has truly been my pleasure to kn<>\\ and 
work with you. 

1 )r. Carol A. I I 

President's Message * 


Paul C. Norton 

According to Shakespeare in As You Like It . . . 

"All the world's a stage, 
And all the men and women merely players: 
They have their exits and their entrances; 
And one man in his time plays many parts ..." 

Bay Path's resident thespian is Associate Professor and Director of Theatre Paul C. 
Norton. Mr. Norton, a native of Cambridge, Massachusetts, joined the faculty in 1966 at the 
tender age of 24 after obtaining his A.B. and M.A. from Villanova University in Philadelphia, 
Pennsylvania. Since that time he has also done extensive postgraduate studies at Villanova, 
the University of Michigan, the University of Massachusetts, and Harvard University. 

Over the years, Mr. Norton has taught hundreds of students the fine arts of acting and 
public speaking, as well as English composition, literature, history of the theatre, production 
techniques, and Culture and Concepts. He has acted in and/or produced and directed over 
28 musicals at Bay Path, and through Theatre Workshop, he has introduced numerous stu- 
dents to the steps involved in presenting a production and has supervised their activities both 
on stage and off. Mr. Norton has also served as coordinator of dance for the Bay Path 
Dancers since that group's beginning in 1989. In addition, he has served as director and acted 
in numerous summer stock and community theatre productions and frequently serves as ad- 
judicator for drama festivals and as guest lecturer on theatre history and musical theatre for 
area groups. 

The Classes of 1995, with affection and deep respect, co- dedicate the Portico to our 
teacher, director, mentor, and friend, Paul C. Norton. 

4 Dedication 


Charles E. Page 

In The Tables Turned, Wordsworth tells us . . . 

"Books! Tis a dull and endless strife: 

Come, hear the woodland linnet. 

How sweet his music! On my life, 

There's more of wisdom in it." 

Bay Path's resident musician is Associate Professor and Director of Music Charles I;. 
Page. Mr. Page, a native of St. Johnsbury, Vermont, joined the Bav Path faculty in l'XV after 
extensive musical training. He holds a B.S. from Boston University and a M. Mus. from Yale- 
University and has done advanced study at the University of Michigan and the Universin of 
Colorado. In 1966 he received a Fulbright Scholarship to study organ in the Netherlands and 
is an associate of the American Guild of Organists and former Massachusetts state chairman. 

Through the years, Mr. Page has taught courses in music history and in music apprecia- 
tion covering the entire range of musical styles, and he has also taught Culture and Concepts 
and accounting. He directs the Chorale as well as the Keynotes and Chamber Singers during 
their frequent appearances on and off campus. Mr. Page conceived the idea tor the Cabaret 
Concert over 15 years ago and directs the Faculty Cabaret Artists, and he has been musical 
director for 27 Bay Path musicals. In addition, he is minister of music at Old first Church in 
Springfield, artistic director of the Music At First series, a frequent regional and national or- 
gan recitalist, and a member of numerous music -related boards and assoc iations. 

It is with deep respect and affection that the Classes of 1995 co-dedicate the Portico to 
our teacher, director, mentor, and a friend, Charles E. Page. 

Dedii 8tion 5 


President Emeritus and Mrs. Thomas G. Carr were 
taken by surprise at Homecoming when Dean of Students 
Marcia H. Conrad announced that they were being hon- 
ored this year in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of 
Bay Path's relocation to its current site in Longmeadow. 
Formal acknowledgement of the occasion was received 
from national, state, and local sources. 

U.S. Congressman Richard E. Neal sent congratulations 
and an American flag flown in front of the U.S. Capitol; a 
citation was received from the office of Massachusetts 
Governor William Weld; a Massachusetts House of Rep- 
resentatives' resolution was presented in person by State 
Representative Mary Rogencss; and a congratulatory tele- 
gram was sent by Dr. Carol A. Leary and her husband 
Noel, who were unable to attend. 

The Board of Selectmen of the Town of Longmeadow 
issued a proclamation designating November 5 as "Bay 
Path College Day," and Mr. and Mrs. Carr were presented 
with a framed copy of this proclamation. 



The first official Bay Path College rings were presented in December 1994, to 
Bay Path sophomores, juniors, and seniors at an afternoon ceremony in Blake 
Dining Room. 

Mrs. Karen Toner, a member of the Board of Trustees and Chairperson of 
the Student Life Committee, made the presentation. 

6 i am Kinx Ceremony 


Standing: Heidi Chiang, Jennifer Gray, Christine Dolan, Yesenia Torres. Seated: Vikki Lollman (Editor), 
Chanda Waryas (Editor), Erica Spinelli (Editor) and Catherine Roj. 

The yearbook is finally finished. We would like to thank those who helped us make this yearbook a success. 
Special thanks to our advisor, Dean Conrad, for supporting our ideas. Ms. Polak - she was a tremendous help 
and came to our rescue on many occasions, proofing pages endlessly, and keeping us sane at the time of dead- 
lines. Others whom we could not forget are: The Greniers, Mr. Don Lendry, Mr. Bertolino, Mrs. Guernsey, and 
Mrs. Dudley. 

Our theme, "Outlook", was chosen because of all the new developments that have taken place throughout 
the school year: our new president, Dr. Leary; the new physical fitness center; new majors and new policies on 
campus. We believe that with all the new changes that have occurred at Bay Path, a new outlook has devel- 
oped. The theme also describes the 1995 graduates as they look at the world ahead of them. 

We worked very hard to produce the best yearbook we could. We captured an entire year on film; and with 
our hard work, we are happy to present you with this copy of PORTICO 1995 - Outlook. 

We hope this yearbook will bring memories of an exciting year. Throughout the year, we worked endless 
hours as we tried to get our layouts and typing finished for our deadlines. There were times when we asked 
ourselves, "Is it worth it?" Now that the year has ended and the yearbook is finally completed, we are happy to 
say that we stuck together through thick and thin. 

We are proud to say that we have dedicated the yearbook to two special teachers who spend endless 
amounts of their time to direct and produce performing arts programs. 

Vikki Lollman, Erica Spinelli, & Chanda Waryas 
Co ■ Editors - In - Ch ief 

I'd i tor's Message 7 



You never lose a friend 

E'en though your ways may part. 

Each friend holds something dear 

To keep within your heart. 

We each must go our way 

To live as we see fit; 

Though parting may be sad, 

We both can benefit. 

The treasures from a friend 

Live long in memory, 
Yet years may pass before 
Full worth of them we see. 

As we share our lives, 

Ourselves we get to know. 

Much better we become; 

In spirit and soul we grow. 

We never lose a friend 

E'en though our ways may part. 

Each friend holds something dear 

To keep within our hearts. 

H Senior Poem 
















■ j 













KIM What's next You've helped me thru this. I'll 
always lu\ l'. my true best friend -forever. DAVE: 
\\ c ve cot mam vrs ahead of us to grow old together. 
1 lu\ l mote than anything. It" only I could make u as 
happ\ as you've made me -IMPOSSIBLE! Luv u 
HUNK-ha! MY FAMILY: Thanks 4 everything. I'll 
reptj u. promise. Luv U always. In memory of G.P. 

Cynthia Aube 

Westfield, MA 

Rebecca J. Aubin 

North Adams, MA 

Mom I finally made it. Thanks for being there, I love 
you. RP you're a great friend, It's been a great three 
years thanks for putting up with me. Good luck with 
Mike. EA hey p.i.c the wave, always remember the 
good times at BP and not at BP. 66, 69, NL, AIC, 
WPT., The Asylum, Dave -those eyes, B is my friend, 
B. Ball games, you're the best, see ya in a year. KA 
the Asylum, G & J. HONEY LOVE W/THE BEAR. 
To everyone else thanks for making BP fun Good 
Luck. I'll miss you all. 

10 Seniors 

Kim Barbero 

Westfield, MA 
Psychology/Criminal Justice 

Mom, Dad, & Joe -Thank you for all your love & 
support. I wouldn't of made it without you. I lOVE 
YOU! GG -Thanks for everything. D & D's, trou- 
ble-not you, it's fat free. IT'S A BEAUTIFUL 
WORLD. Cyn- We've been through it all in the past 
10 yrs. No words could ever thank you enough for 
everything you've done & for always being there for 
me especially this past yr. Luv ya! I want to dedicate 
this in loving memory of GP 3/29/94 You'll never be 
forgotten. LOVE YA! 

jy „.. 

To the BEST Mom and DAD ever, I just want to say 
thanks for all the love and support!! You've helped 
me make my dreams become a reality. I LOVE you 
both very much! MK, JK, AF, JH, and MF, you guys 
have made these past two years at BP the greatest! I'll 
never forget all of the fun times, laughter, and most 
of all, the friendship we've shared. Best of luck to ev - 
eryone, LOVE YA!! JL, thanks for all the LOVE and 
FRIENDSHIP, I definitely needed it!!! 

Tracy Elizabeth Bcdnarz 

Wilbraham, MA 
Business Administration 

Seniors 1 1 


The road has been long & hard, Through it all we 
havt survived 1'lunx 2 all of my friends 4 all of the 
memories' l'a\ Memories: Doing the shows. Thanx 
to some Plush' : all who lent me a hand, thanx 4 
finding me throughout my time at BP. I will never 
lot I Mrs O . thanx I your support as a counselor 
& friend l the past 4 yrs. Anywhere U go let me go 2 
that's .ill 1 ask of U. I love U Hum! Peace. 

Tammy Blood 

West Swanzey, NH 
Psychology/Criminal Justice 

Marci Breau 
Rockville, CT 
Legal Studies 


12 Seniors 

Dad & Mom I luv u both & want to thank u 4 all the 
luv, support & patience that you have provided. Tina 
it looks like we will continue on the same path at 
GRAD school. Jenn I will miss u but I could never 
forget u (Canada) (S-ball) #24 u will always have a 
place in my heart. Without my 2 sisters who knows? 
ES, CW K.I.T. Brew Crew gals follow those dreams . . 

Kimberly-Anne Katrina Burnell 

Springfield, MA 

THANX MOM & DAD 4 all that U've Done! I 
would have never made it w/out U2. 1 LUV U VERY 
MUCH! PCN, DrL, MsS, MsP, I will miss all your 
help. Kim (look at us now) + Jenn U2R the Best 
sisters! CW, ES, RS, DD, KC, MM, SM.JL-UR all 
my memories at BPC. What is it? Work it! Boots I 
miss U 8/5/94. Congrats class of 95. MEM + PEP 
Thanx 4 all the xtra help + support I LUV U2. All 
my friends-NEVER settle 4 #2 we R #1. I will miss 
U all, keep in touch Always. Bye -Bye BPC. 

Tina-Marie Burnell 
Springfield, MA 

Seniors I j 


Mom & Dad I' have given me the inspiration 2 B 
myself & 2 love others i who they R. 2 my entire 
ramil) thank U & I love U. Deena, "Hey there little 
ludv '. How many letters.'', "U R IT", No more Jame- 
son. 1 11 miss U most! )L &. DS take care of each 
other. Thanks 4 the power walk. TB you're a great 
neighbor. Thanks 2 all my Theinert friends 4 a great 
J 1st B-Dav! Laurie 1 won't forget Moe's! Best 2 all. 
Ill miss I ' all & BBC. 

KristenJ. Chadderton 

Enfield, CT 

Business Administration 

Heidi J. C. Chiang 

Hong Kong/Singapore 
Business Administration 

"These are times to remember for they will not last 
forever." -B.J. Thanks mom and dad for your support, 
without you I would have not met my goal. To all my 
friends at BPC, I will miss all of you. What is it? 
Snowbanks! Boots! Weekends at NYC/Boston. 
Thanks to Dean Conrad, Mrs. Ennis, Ms. Polak, Mrs. 
Gay, Col. Wright, faculty and staff. Goodbye BPC! 

14 Seniors 

Kimberly Choinski 

South bridge, MA 

Criminal Justice/Psychology 

Mom, Dad, Gram & Gramp, I THANK YOU ALL 
for everything that you have done for me throughout 
the years. If it wasn't for your support I wouldn't be 
where I am today. Kristy & Keith I wish you both the 
best of everything. Mike thank u for being by my side 
for the past 4 years. To all my friends at Bay Path I 
wish u all the best of luck in everything u do. I LOVE 

< 55* 

mm ~~*w* 

^^^ ■-%_ 



Laurie Couture 

Chicopee, MA 
Business Administration 

Seniors I 5 


I'Ik tunc has come J say goodbye 2 all the triends 
who win In my side. W/o ur help or friendship true, 
the ws at BP would have never flew. So here's 2 
Tracey, Megan, Jill and 2 all the others who helped 
me up the hill. Good luck, stay well, I'll C U soon, 4 
friendships will always stay in bloom. A special thanks 
goes out 2 Cale, who I hold by my heart w/luv that 
will never fail. And to Bubba + Donna w/o ur sup- 
port. BFC would have been but a thought. 


April Frost 

Agawam, MA 
Business Administration 

16 Seniors 

Katherine Goodwin 
Granby, CT 

It's a BEAUTIFUL world!!! KIM B . . . What would I 
do without you? Thanks for everything . . . D + D's, 
the Boyz, Toucan's, endless phone chats, STRESS + 
your understanding!!! The Gaily -Mobile lives on . . . 
Want a lollipop? NASCAR look out, here we come!!! 
To all my friends at Bay Path, good luck + thanks 
for the memories!!! Denis . . . You will be in my heart 
forever, I will always love you. Good-bye Bay Path, 
Hello world . . . 

Gail Greany 

Agawam, MA 
Psychology/Criminal Justice 


£ r /I 

^H ^H 

Thanks to Bud, Mindy, my Family and Friends for 
the support, encouragement and most of all your pa- 
tience. I could not have done it without you! I LOVE 

Kimbcrly Hartmann 

Springfield, MA 

Seniors 1 7 

As the year comes to an cud the memories & the 
friendships that were made 1 will never forget. To my 
roomies H. D, M, it was a blast at 504. To all my 
friends at BPC-yOU guys are the greatest -Remember 
don't ever lose touch with your dreams. To my fami- 
h thanks tor being there whenever I needed you. I 
wouldn't have made it without your love & support. 
Mom & Dad -you're the best -all my love to both of 

Kelley Hyde 

Southington, CT 

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I wouldn't have 
made it without ALL of you. Through all my tough- 
est trials, you've played the greatest part, because you 
stood by my side, at all the hardest parts. I can never 
say thank you enough, for all that you have done, but 
now and forever, my family is number l!!!! 

Jennifer Janecek 
Chester, CT 
Legal Studies 

]H Seniors 

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my Mom, 
Dad, Todd and Mark for all that you have done to 
help me through my "challenging years" at Bay Path. 
To my ENTIRE FAMILY, graduation day will not 
only be a time to recognize MY accomplishments but 
YOURS as well. Thank you all for your love and 
support. WE MADE IT!! 

Deena Jarosz 

Southampton, MA 
Legal Studies 



Virginia Annejohnson 
Longmeadow, MA 

Psvc hologv 

Scnior'< I 'J 

Carlene Kangas 

Stafford Springs, CT 


Karenjit Kaur 


F l 

— —^m' ■ ! 

1 1 


Sevil, you're the best roommate + my best friend til 
the end. Thanks 4 making 4 years of college great + 
seni seviyorum! I'll miss you! Keep in touch! Mom, 
Dad + Sis, thanks 4 your love + support. I'll leave u 
the bills but it's all worth while. I LUV U ALL! CS, 
IT, VR, GW, DM, EY + LT. I'll remember our mid- 
night chats + good times. Best of luck guys. Mr. N 
+ the Smiths. What would I have done without you? 
Merci! To all my other friends + Bay Path. Ciao! I'm 
finally done + I made it bearable. 

20 Seniors 

Thank's Mom, Dad, and Nat 4 all the love & support 
over the past 6 years. Tracy, we R out of here! Chris: 
U R a great roomie! Leti will U fix my hair? Jenn & 
Moe: Where R we going/ whose car R we taking? 
Kevin & Colin: I couldn't have ended up with better 
brothers if I tried! Healy, I'm done! MM KB AF TB 
swer the phone! Marina, we ate 2 many PB trees. 

Megan Eileen Kelly 

Chicopee, MA 
Business Administration 

M & D-Thank you both for giving me a future & al- 
ways believing in me. I could of never made it with- 
out you two. I love you. DS, HM, KH, MM, thanks 
for the memories. U guys are the best! Keep in touch 
& be good! AD-I miss you. To the "Business Ma|or 
crew" -I wish you all the best of luck, thanks for the 
laughs. HL-thanks for being my "college roommate" 
this year. My "MM"-finally, I'm done! (Look out 
Florida!) I love you hon. X's and O's to everyone! 

Jodi Rence Kiernan 
Dexter, Maine 
Business Administration 

Seniors 21 

fa im taiinU ii times the past 1 yrs were CRAZY, 
but u nevei doubted me; thanx i .ill the luv & support 
1 needed .' succeed. Christie & Mike: now you'll be 
doing homework alone hut I promise to continue to 
help. Willie- 1 luv u! Good bye & good luck 2 all the 
t nends I've made -keep in touch. Thanx 2 all of those 
teachers who gave added encouragement. Special 
thanx to Dr. Leary, & Att'y Spadoni; I'll miss u both, 
but not the exams!!! 

Lisa Kirk 

Agawam, MA 
Legal Studies 

Jill Kozaczka 

Springfield, MA 
Business Administration 


22 Seniors 

Dorothy Lis 

West Hartford, CT 

^ > 

■ ' . 


• 1 ^ 


Erin Lundgren 
Holland, MA 

Seniors 23 

Melissa Martin 

Monson, MA 

Trieste Maxim 
Vernon, CT 
Legal Studies 

•'■'1 J 'a 


t . * 


2-/ Seniors 

Make life an adventure, Dare to be different!! Mom & 
Dad thanks for the opportunity to expand my future! 
I made it this far, where do I go from here? To A, A, 
D, J, K, M you guys are the best!! What would I do 
without you guys? May we never let distance interfere 
with our friendship!! Thanks for some of the best 
years of my life!! I Love You Guys!! 

It is time to move on once again, to face new obsta- 
cles and challenges that will come our way. Much 
thanks & gratitude go to my parents that have put up 
with my growing pains through the years. To my roo- 
mies H, D, K, I always needed 3 mothers and 3 great 
friends! I'll miss everyone M.J, A & A, & all the good 
times we've had together, dubbin' it & finally discov- 
ering what it feels like being legal! Time went by too 
fast, now on to the next chapter . . . 

Michclc K. Murphy 
Newport, NY 
Business Administration 

Seniors 25 


Fumiko Ono 

Yokohama, Japan 

Heidi Palliardi 

Enfield, MA 

I'd like to thank Pepe for all the encouragement and 
inspiration over the past years. I would have never 
made it through college without you. Thanks mom, 
dad and Chris for being so patient during my mo- 
ments of insanity. I would like to wish my classmates 
good luck and best wishes for the future. 

26 Seniors 

Jessica L. Rapo 

Southbridge, MA 

Thank you Mom & Dad for all the love and support 
you have given me throughout my life. I love you 
both. KG & TC-remember those trips to the "store." 
member all the good times we've had. I'll miss you 
all. KS-keep SVU alive when I'm gone. Mark-words 
cannot describe how special you are to me. Thanks 
for all the memories. I love you with all my heart. 


IB iSHiiiL D ^m 

Mom & Dad-thanx for all ur luv & support. I luv U! 
Mrs. Pierpont- thanx for teaching me in class & in 
life. Your letters meant a lot to me. I luv'd Flor! 
BT-my chosen I-miss u! KK-I luv u-alligato! RG- 
Bermuda beach bums! Don't forget all the fun wc 
had! EH -How bout a game of "caads.'" UHHH! toe- 
gards, it was THIS BIG! Luv ya! LS- Congrats! Thanx 
for being a great friend! ES -Thanx for holding my 
hand & making me lafl CW, I'M, HC & the E< I 
mrls-thanx tor all the fun x! 

Robyn Schmeltz 

I ),inbury, CT 

Si mors 27 

A FAMILY FIRST, Finally 1 made it. Thanks to my 
family tor all their support. Hspecially you David. 
Now we can begin our lives together forever. Thank 
sou tor always being understanding and helping me 
whenever I needed it. I love you. Daddy I know one 
of your dreams would be for me to go to college, 
graduate, know you are very proud ot me and I am 
proud ot my accomplishment. 

Paula Santaniello 

Agawam, MA 
Legal Studies 

Diane Smith 

Watertown, MA 

2H Seniors 

Today is the reality of yesterday's dreams. Mom & 
Dad there is no way that I could ever thank you 
enough for all you have done for me, except to say I 
Love You. To my roomies H, M & K we had a lot of 
fun, what a way to end the year. To my friends H, M, 
K, J, A and A we had a blast! No one can ever top 
our adventures, I'll miss you all. Scott thank you for 
your loving support and companionship It has meant 
a lot to me, I Love You With All My Heart!! 

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one 
step." Mom & Dad thanx for making that step possi- 
ble. I couldn't have done it w/out all of ur luv & sup- 
port! Chanda - I can't believe we've survived the past 
4 yrs; P.M.O. t-shirt, What is it?, Joey B. & cowboy 
boots, Toucan's, complaints, & Pappy. To all of my 
friends HC, RS, KB, TB, DS, HM, & KH - Good 
luck w/everything & keep in touch!! 

Erica Leigh Spinelli 

Southbridge, MA 

D & M thanks 4 the love, support, and sacrifices, I 
love you from the bottom of my heart. Theinert crew 
thnxs, the memories will last 4eva. I'll never 4get u, gd 
luck! K -someday u'll get ur snapple? D & M Tiz 
thank's 4 my home away from home. D & S always 
grtful 10-6-92. C-ur the only one for me. Never 4get 
ph.c, Vt., Eng., Jp., R Inn, and the rest 2 come. 
Dreams really do come true 2-14-94. C & C 4ever! To 
everyone that made my 4 yrs bearable I thank u! 



Claire Stafford 

Marlborough, MA 

Seniors 29 


Karen & Sevil, these i vrs have been the BEST. We've 
been thru so much together & we made it! Thank U 4 
the GR8 memories & everything else. U'll always be 
mi\ s[Hnal 2 me. 1 LOVE U both! Megan, Gwen, 
Kel-Love as always DM, EY, GW-Love & Luck. 
Mrs 1 . Dr. L, Ms. S, Mr. Norton. Dr. Winters-Smith, 
thank U. Mom & Dad. I couldn't thank U enough 4 
everything I've done 4 me, love always. Ted -hey lil' 
brother, what can I say.'' Enjoy the army?!! 


Inez Tio 


Rachael L'amour Valentine 

Granby, MA 


30 Seniors 

That was me at 2, and here I am now. Things haven't 
changed all that much, still cute, still spoiled, and I 
still love and need my family and friends. A little 
wiser, a bit taller, and a whole lot dryer. Many thanks 
to everyone who has contributed to my psychosocial 
self. Yes, yes I can define that. Just joking guys, 
thanks for everything. LOVE, HUGS AND KISSES! 
Four years down, and five to go. "I think I can . . I 
think I Can . . I KNOW I CAN!" 



To my friends-the memories I have of U will always 
B remembered, thanks 4 best times. Ma + Dad- 
thanks for the continual support I needed, love ya! 
Memories of Cali '94, thanks D. Rocki-I've got noth- 
ing but love 4U, UL C! Erica -UR the best roomie, 
stay mint + do what U want! Snbanks! What is it? 
shooting*'s Madonna! Regis/Joey B-whatta man! 
what STRESS?$$ BL/MI-Best of luck/work it girls- 
Love, Chanda! 

Chanda Lynn Waryas 

Millers Falls, MA 
Psychology/K-3 Education 



L mt 




VT am 









Jill Whalen 
Enfield, CT 

Legal Studies 

Seniors M 

Mom + Dad thank vou 1 vour love & support. 
Karen, you arc my friend i life! "SENI COK SEVIY- 
ORUM" I will miss you!! Keep in touch!! Inez, Vero, 
the Chas. Gery & Deena. you are all my great friends, 
I'll miss you & everyone else at Bay Path. Je vous 
aime tous et a bientot mes amies!! It's finally over and 
I'm out!!?? Good Bye my friends but it's not forever. 

Sevil Yazici 

Istanbul, Turkey 

Jennifer J. Harrington 

Wilbraham, MA 

Linda Randall 

Longmeadow, MA 

32 Seniors 

Elizabeth Reed 

Indian Orchard, MA 
Business Administration 

Susanne Bertoldo 

Longmeadow, MA 

Tamara Bowlen 

West Springfield, MA 
Business Administration 

Richelle Brown 

East Longmeadow, MA 

Laurie Economidy 

Granby, CT 

Business Administration 

Kimberly Gonyea 

Agawam, MA 
Business Administration 

Jennifer Hoffman 

Springfield, MA 
Business Administration 


Enfield, CT 

Business Administration 

Tammy Lawrence 

Enfield, CT 

Business Administration 

Toby Padegenis 

Enfield, CT 
Legal Studies 

Sabrina Parise 

Pittsfield, MA 
Legal Studies 

Cynthia Raimo 

Windsor, CT 

Business Administration 


Deborah Gebo 

Longmeadow, MA 
Business Administration 

Seniors 33 

. . - . m ^m^m&^^^m^m^^^^m^^mmm^mm^mm 

().\7 WISH 







. - 

The Porticrj Staff 
Mindy Ryan 

Were I to be given just one wish 

I would wish not for silver and gold 

but just for a peaceful little home 

set upon a lovely green knoll. 

A small white house to be my palace 

with beauty in the summer breeze 

shaded by the great green branches 

of my beautiful two small trees. 

One of the trees would be maple 

the other one would be oak 
reminding me of two great loves 

of which I have never spoke. 

I would gaze from my window at evening 

just before my daily repose 

to the beautiful garden before me 

of the world's most beautiful rose. 

Then in the morn at the break of dawn 

the dew on the rose I would see 

the shimmering morning sunlight 

on my beautiful two tall trees. 

The beautiful music that I would enjoy 

as I rested beneath my trees. 

All this my wish would be surrounded 

by the world's great symphonies. 

In the morn would be a song 

with the sun high in the sky. 

In the evening sweet and low 

just a tender lullaby. 

Happiness, enchantment, and beauty 

all these would be mine to behold. 

If I were given just one wish 

my dream, of that lovely green knoll. 

When the sun shines high and the birds fly by 

such warm and glorious weather. 

If I were given just one wish 

this would be my wish forever. 

-Marie A. Ryan 

is proud to present the first published work of Marie Ryan, grandmother of 1995 sophomore 

















mmMmMmttmmmmmmmm^,-'--,- «bh8»bwww«s 

Mom and Dad -Thank u for everything -All ur love, 
support & tor never giving up on me! I love you! W/ 
out u, there would be no now! John, honey I LOVK 
YOU! (5-3-94) soon we will be together 4ever-HO- 
luv ya you silly goose! D-they still don't pay me enuf! 
Thnx 4 everything -UR the best! Roomies from hell - 
Tweety & Tigger 4ever! My Jennie Tyson -what can I 
say but THANKS! To the B.P.C.B.G-DB, JT, JS, BC, 
JG, NM-I will miss u all! 

36 Soph 

As my last weeks at B.P. go by, I think of how far I've 
come. I remember being young and happy under 
mother's wings as a child. Having no worries - every- 
thing taken care of, just for the little one. Slowly, 
gradually, we all grow up and want to do things our- 
selves. As teenagers will be, stubborn and indepen- 
dent, this is how I grew up. Learning from mistakes, 
as I move into late teens, I am forced to face adult 
situations. Fun and exciting at first I soon realized the 
party is over. 

Eileen Andaya 

Toronto, Ontario 
Fashion Merchandising 

Kimberly D. Anderson 

Plainville, CT 
Legal Assistant 

Thank-you Mom, Dad, & Keith -1 your love & sup- 
port. Terrie Friendly talks. Christa, Jessica, Christina, 
Lori and the Asylum. Ellen I bcarlv knew lnm. Becki 
& Rochelle's room for SNL and Soup. Thank-you for 
the tries Amy. DO I MATCH TERRY?? By the waj 
what's your major this week.' Late nite talks w/Claire, 
yes he is the one. Chris vou're like a brother. Thank- 
you to all my friends who have made my college years 
the most exciting and memorable. 

Sophomores 37 

Thanks 2 my mother & Susan l your love and sup- 
port Mr. Kane thanks 4 showing me the importance 
of English in mv life. Dr. Milani & Mr. Norton 
thanks l always listening. CC, JS, KG, never forget all 
the laughs & fun times we had keep in touch I'll miss 
u. CC thanks for being such a great roommate. 
Grama Mable keep watching over me, I luv & miss u. 
Mike I luv u always 5/20/92. 

Elizabeth E. Baker 

Greenfield, MA 
Criminal Justice 

1 *ii##t A 


t^i i 

I b 

~* faa 

Thanx Mom & Dad ($Money Bags$) 4 helping me 
succeed at all my goals. All ur luv, support, under- 
standing, encouragement & words of wisdom have 
meant a great deal 2 me. Most of all thanx 4 having 
faith in me. 2 my friends I'll miss ya & remember all 
the great x's we shared. ("What a night,") crazy glue 
episode, whipped cream, mailing, fries, she's otta con- 
trol, my accent, totally lost, Garfield, watch out 4 the 
tree, the blizzard, electric slide, the big fall & 6am. 

Michele Anne Bayer 

Centereach, Long Island, NY 
Early Childhood Education 

}8 Sophomores 

Amy Beck 

Fort Ann, NY 

Early Childhood Education 

To: Mom & Dad- Thanks for all of your love, sup- 
port, & encouragement. I wouldn't be where I am to- 
day without your guidance. I love you! To: Nicky, 
Shawna, Kim, & my roomie Sue- Thanks for all of 
the laughter & good times, they won't be forgotten. 
Love ya, Chiquitas! To: Henry- Thanks for your love, 
support, encouragement, & most of all for your pa- 
tience. Thanks for being there when I needed u. You 
truly r my "rock". I love you!! 

'vS T A v TMj:U A P ? r ( 

Thank you mom and dad for helping me 
through college. I love you! Thanks to all my 
friends for the great times we have had to- 
gether, AG SM NT SP CM JTJDJG, espe- 
cially 3rd east. Dawes I will never forget our 
late night talk, line dancing, concerts heard 
down the hall, Big E in the rain, and fire drills. 
Goff I will always remember the hair show, Hu 
Ke Lau, drinks, hiding from SP, Big E, and 
New York. Will miss you all. Keep in touch! 

Michelle Benner 
Skowhegan, MF. 
Interior Design 

Sophomores *'J 

1 want to thank my family for pushing me towards 
going to college; I love you all so much. To Denise, 
don't forget we only have 2 more years. To Wayne, 
thanks for the help but lose the attitude. To Jenn, 
thanks tor all the pep talks; I needed them. TO all the 
friends I made here, good luck in life and I hope you 
always have luck. 

Carol Benoit 

Northbridge, MA 

Early Childhood Education 

Thanx to my whole family for all of the love and sup- 
port through the yrs. Thanx to SL, CS, NM, TK, EL, 
JS, WC u all made life at BP a memorable one. I'll 
miss u all! Nicole and Joanne-no more procrastinat- 
ing! Rusty, May 1985 to August 23, 1994-1 Miss U! 
Bryan, Where do I begin? There is so much to say, 
and so much to thank you for! I couldn't have done it 
w/out U! Hildener' I Luv U! Congrats Todd On Your 
Big Day at NYU!! Good Luck to all of the Gradu- 

Ashley Blair 

Hubbardton, Vermont 
Legal Assistant 

40 Sophomores 

Thank you mom, dad, nana and auntie. Without you I 
never would have made it this far. Kelly, you never 
did corrupt me. To the crew in the lounge, I will miss 
our discussions very much, please keep in touch. 
Nancy, at least the two of us were able to study 
somewhat. Heather and Colleen, I'm glad we met 
even though we owe it to L.S. Rob I love you, thanks 
for being so patient. May, you are the greatest. I 
couldn't ask for more in a friend. 


Juli L. Brandt 

W. Willington, CT 
Legal Assistant 

Dawn M. Breen 

Winooski, VT 
Travel Administration 

"Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away . . God 
said, Let there be lips . . " RHPS. Shamrocks & Irish- 
man! C-roomies 4 2yrs friends 4 life, late mte talks & 
TGIF! Tigger & tweety - XOXO - Goffer IK the 
best pal ever! Tyson -Leo's r #1' JS- Still tvping' 
Keene-CD + TB! Jrd tit gals- BCJSCMNS & Nic 
reading 4 MB 1 Vt + Ben & Jerry's -M + D S & S- 
MKJ Thanks 4 your support -I.uv ya). I'm outta here' 
Fapa this 1 is 4 u! 

Sophomores 1 1 

Rebecca Marie Bush 

East Granby, CT 
Travel Administration 

Than* Mom & D.ul 1 .til your luv & support. 2 my 
wonderful brother & sister, thanx I being there 1 me. 
1 Luv U .ill very much. 1st floor Bollum THE BEST! 
SI) ,i great roomy, remember late nitetalks, 4get You! 
Outta my face! EH spiders, the PLANE. BH 4/94 
ZIMA! JT 9/16/94 Oh What a Night! Greyhound. 
RV thanx A ALWAYS being there 4 me. BS + HS 
Rice boys. JD + TC remember all the good times. 
9/15/94! 2 all my other friends at BP. I will miss I! 
very much!! 




■0* ^ 


Mom and Dad, thank you for all your love and sup- 
port. To my friends — Nicky T, Amy S, Shawna M, 
Kim M, Noriko K, and my Roomie Amy B — it's 
been great!!! I've enjoyed the laughs. Hope we all 
keep in touch. Mrs. L. thank you for being a role 

Susan M. Bushey 

St. Albans, VT 
Travel Administration 

42 Sophomores 

Michelle Anne Carter 

Georgetown, MA 

Well we've made it! The last 2 yrs have left us all w/ 
many memories. Tara & Caitlin, thanks 4 always be- 
ing there when I needed 2 talk. U 2 R great keep in 
touch. Mom & Dad, thanks 4 all ur love and support, 
I love U both so much. I could have never have made 
it w/out U. Loran, I love U so much. Thanks ) always 
being there 4 me. Thanks 4 believing in me. Remem- 
ber we will always H IRIINDS ' Hope everything 
works out 4 II. Reach 4 the stars because our dreams 
R ]ust beginning 2 come true. 

Sophomores 1 1 


Thanx mom 4 being there 4 me when I needed U the 
most. Remember all the good times we had. Mom 1 
day I will find a car. 2 my grandma thanx 4 helping 
me through school. 2 my Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins 
thanx 4 all of UR support. 2 my little cousins let this 
be the beginning of a new family chain. Frank & Jen I 
will always be there 4 you 2, so don't 4get it. 2 all my 
friends thanx 4 everything. AP, JC, MO, AD, SA, 
don't 4get WILDWOOD 94' I Luv U All!!! 

Carolyn Casale 

North Haven, CT 
Criminal Justice 

I - 

TO the gang on Bollum 3rd . . Ash, Carrie, 
Steph, Nicole, Tash + Eva . . Thanks for all 
the good times trying to make time pass 
quickly to Friday! Ash -thanks for being a great 
roomie! Hopefully we'll all see one another at 
my wedding. Stephen, I love you with all my 
heart. I'll never regret a moment we've shared 
together. Thanks for always supporting me in 
going away. It'll all be worth it in 96! I love you 
Mom, Doug, Shawn, Aly, Dad + Janet. 

Wendy Chapel 

Holden, MA 

Fashion Merchandising 

44 Sophomores 

Mom & Dad thank u 4 this opportunity, your love 
and support. I couldn't have made it w/o u. I luv u! 
Grandpa thanks 4 all u have done for me. I luv u w/ 
all my heart! Rick, best bro, I miss u. Lisa, my best 
buddy, our memories will last 4-ever. I couldn't have 
made a better friend. I luv u sweets! Jen T. from high 
school til college and much more to come, friends till 
the end. S.W. we're at it 

Pamela Chase 

Wilbraham, MA 
Legal Secretary 

Lisa Cole 

Orchard Park, NY 
Arts and Science 

Thanks Mom & Dad tor your love and support. I 
love you both very much! Mike, Chrissy & Dan, you 
guys are the greatest brothers and sister I could ever 
ask for. Pam I want to thank you for being the best 
friend I could ever ask tor. I truly appreciate you al- 
ways being there tor me. I will never torget the good 
times we had together. Please always keep in tOU< h I 
love you. Atsuko & Noriko thanks for being great 
friends and roommates. 


Sophomores 45 

BarbaraJ. Corey 

Waldo, ME 
Interior Design 

M & I) Thank U! U have done so much 4 me -now 
its time i me to do it l you That cruiz-is coming 
(SOMEDAY!!!) W & B thanx 4 giving me all UR 

support, $ (THANKU), & the greatest most hand- 
some nephew I could ask 4. Cody-I LUV 1 1 little- 
guy!!! 3rd fl what a life it has been! JSDBCANSCM + 
of course NM U guys have made the times interest- 
ing -The road trip, Florida (did any-1 say sunburn.-':') 
NEVER SAY NEVKR- NC here we come. 


Mom, Dad, Gram, and Steve, thank you, I could 
not have done it without you. Poppy, I love and 
miss you. Scott, I love you, thank you for coming 
into my life and helping me find and reach my 
goals. To my friends at Bay Path, I love you all 
like sisters, I'll miss you all. Shannon and Bobby 
my best friends, thanks guys for being there, you 
are the best! I love you all! 

Allison Couture 

Meriden, CT 
Early Childhood 

■i6 Sophomores 

Jennifer Dawes 

Skowhegan, Ml* 
Travel Administration 

Mom & Dad; U have always shown your love, sup- 
port, and respect 4 me. Thank U 4 the love & guid- 
ance throughout the years, I Love U Both. Matt, 
thanks 4 being the best brother, I Love U. To "unfor- 
gettable" friends, AG, BB, JG, KM, MB, NT. SM. 
Memories never die. hold onto them because that 
may be all you have somedas I I >P v<>u II always hold 
a very special place in my heart. I'll Never forget , ■"■. 
And to all my friends at W( . I wish I all success & 
the best of luck. 

.Sophomores 47 

To my family & friends, thank you 4 all of ur luv & 
support. Mom, thnks 4 understanding & listening. 
Ted, Dana & Kelli, u were always there 4 me, thnk u. 
Dad, thnks 4 everything that u have done! Mrs. 
Kmon, u are a wonderful teacher & friend, thnk u. 
Jenn & Eryn, thnk u 4 our wonderful friendships, re- 
member the Cape & our favorite things!?! I wouldn't 
have made it through these last 2 yrs w/out every- 
one's luv & support! Thank you! 


Tara E. Delskey 

Feeding Hills, MA 

Fashion Merchandising & Retail 


To the most important people in my life my family, 
thanks 4 all of ur help & guidance. B.P.C. has been an 
experience full of memories. Thanks 2 all of the 
friends I made. I'll always remember u. 2 the teachers, 
throughout my journey, I would like 2 send special 
thanks. I couldn't have done it w/out u. 2 all the oth- 
ers that have been a guiding light, seeing me through 
the obstacles I've encountered, I thank you with great 

Christine A. Dolan 

Enfield, CT 

Early Childhood Education 

4H Sophomores 

Thanx MOM, DAD & Gram 4 all the support, luv & 
understanding. Kora- follow ur dreams; I luv u all. 
Mary thanx 4 being my inspiration. Laura & Eric-u r 
the best. Kim- speak up, $6, K-worth, couldn't have 
done it w/out u. Amy-my window, prison. Dawn- 
vent. Liz-1 in the same. All of u keep in touch, our 
BP house. Mi amor, Siempre te tengo en mi corazon 
an que este cerca o legos. Te quiero ahora y por toda 
mi vida. Espero estar contigo. 



••^^. j 


Jessica Dolan 
East Hartford, CT 
Human Services 

Caitlin Donahue 
Keene, NH 
Human Services 

To Mom & Dad & Ry-You R my backbone & in- 
spiration -w/out U I would not be where I am. TM- 
great talks, car rides & showing me a true friend- 
ship -luv ya. MC-thnks 1 being there always. )S & 
KG-we made it thru so much-luv ya guys-her 
many more memories. KM. JM. JVC'. DM. BVi I K 
all terrific friends -never lose touch. Dan-thnks 4 
sticking by me-UR a great guv & my B/I [LUV U! 
A A -miss u tons- 3/10/94! 

Sophomores 49 

Thanks Mom &: Dad for all the support. I love you! 
Paul and Tom, thanks, you'll always be my favorite 
brothers. A special thanks to all my friends, you have 
been a big help. Bollum's the best! Mom, thanks for 
all the tunny cards, and Dad, I can always use a lean. 
Thanks to everyone in the ADC for all the help and 
support. "Keep pushing that rock up the hill" Hey 
everyone, I DID IT!!! 

Michele Dubrey 

Sturbridge, MA 

Early Childhood Education 

Thank you Lord for all your blessings! Thanks mom 
for your love, money and support over the years. I 
love you mommy. Without you this couldn't be pos- 
sible. Ma love ya too. Chris stay sweet. Buttsie I'll al- 
ways love you. Thanks for the love you've shown me 
these last five years. Thanks dad. BIG UP the bad girl 
crew! N.M. M.M. K.J. H.P. AT. Y.P. and B. Boy 
Crew W.O.H. NOV. love ya. 

Charlotte Earlington 

Brooklyn, NY 
Business Administration 

50 Sophomores 


To my fam Luv U! Kathy & Erik U 2! Mel I miss you 
already -I'm here always! Tiff, Kel, and Sarah memrys 
4eva luv u. Kris - roommate, poot, too big lips, my 
woops, please drive gently. 400 pound whopper, who 
else luvs me? tatoos, days in the afternoon, piggy-not 
kosher, saving 4 the wedding, breakfast at 8 NAH, I 

Naomi Fink 

Warwick, RI 

Travel Administration 


Jessica Rae Florence 

South Hadley, MA 
Business Administration 

To all my friends & family who have made thesi 
yrs. possible — thank you. It's so much easier going 
through life knowing ur cared 4 & loved Dean, fas- 
ten ur seat belt, its only just begun! Danielle, did I 
ever tell u that u were my inspiration to work so hard" 
After all, what girl doesn't compete with her big sis- 
ter! Mom 8c Dad, a.k.a. my financiers, u have given 
the best gift ever, a wonderful education & a bright 
future — I can never repay u, 

Sophomores w 

Mom & Dad thank you for everything you've done 
tor me. I really appreciate it! I luv u both. Alex you're 
the best little brother I could ask for. I luv u!Joneric u 
mean so much to me more then u'll ever know. I luv 
u w/all my heart & soul. Kris thanx for putting up 
w/me & being there for me. Don't forget the winter 
week at BPC. R.G. & Amy u're great friends don't 
forget 2 be hospitable & the Avon Carnival. 

Jennifer Sheree Franklin 

Farmington, CT 

Early Childhood Education 

jfif ^&f«^ 

'Me* T 
«-- I • » . -A* 

Mom and Dad: Thank you both for everything. 
Without you I wouldn't have made it this far — I love 
you! To all the gang at BPC: Good luck in your fu- 
ture and thanks for the laughs! Jason, Thanks for be- 
ing there — I love you always! 

Dawn Fuller 

Ware, MA 
Legal Assistant 

52 Sophomores 

To my father & mother, brothers & sister; thank you 
very much for your support & help! And also, thank 
you for giving me the chance of studying abroad. I'm 
a really lucky daughter. To Aya, my best friend; thanx 
4 giving me great memories! Noriko, we were enjoy- 
ing last summer in WV. I'll never forget u guys & 
these memories. To all my friends; thank you & 
goodbye! Good luck, see ya! 

Rie Funahashi 

Aichi, Japan 

Travel Adminstration 

Mom & Dad Thanx 4 all the love & support 6c 4 
making my dreams possible & believing in who I am. 
Matt thanx 4 your love, friendship, & encouragement. 
KM you've taught me to B proud of who I am & to 
speak my mind & get my way. HM we learned to- 
gether what friendship is, your innocence and truth- 
fulness will carry me far. CR & RC we'll always have 
thorns in our sides, but we'll smell like roses in the 
end. Pops I follow U. Jodi it's been a lifetime. 

Tami Gambardella 

North Haven, CT 
Business Administration 

Sophomores 5 i 

Mom & Dad, Thank U 4 everything. Without your 
love & support I would never have made it this far. U 
are the greatest! 2my Roomie; Terri, thanx 4 2 years of 
fun, there was never a dull moment. Always remem- 
ber R late night talks, adventures, & WILLY!! OK 
BUDDY!! Just remember the best is yet 2 come. J. R. 
& T.P. good luck in the future. I'm glad we got 2 
know each other. We had a lot of fun times. Thanx 4 
the memories. 

Kimberly L. Gates 

Schenectady, NY 

Early Childhood Education 

Thanx 2 my family 4 their luv & support -miss U 
gramp. Shell -Atlas DQ! It's been a great 10 yrs. Mel- 
HELLEN LIVES! Tap, Wings, Garth -it's been fun! 
Maintenance.-' Where? A & C- Beware of mops & ro- 
tates! Dave, Kelly, Pastick Jana-U've all proven 2B 
the worthiest of friends! Thanx for standing by me. 
Mick-Lets give'em something 2 talk about! Joe-I'm 
sorry dear, UR right, the bunny rabbits R everywhere! 
U make me very happy -I couldn't ask 4 anything 

Heather Gess 

Glenstone, CT 
Criminal Justice 

54 Sophomores 

Here's 2 the best 2 yrs of my life! Thanx Jojie 4being 
the best roommate, 4always being on my side. LUV 
YA! Liz & Car U guys R the best "Pork & Beans!" 
CD, we had our ups & downs but here we R, friends 
4ever! TM, I couldn't of done it w/oU. Good Luck in 
the future! 2 3rd West, stay cool! Eric UR my life & 
inspiration. I Luv U!! (10-11-97) 2 Mom & Dad, 
Thanx for all the Luv & support, UR the greatest! 2 
my brother Eric, ur sissy will always luv U! Good luck 
2 the class of '95! 

Kristie Girard 

Pittsfield, MA 

Early Childhood Education 

Special thanx & love to my mom & sister for encour- 
aging me to continue in college. Thanx for not giving 
up on me & helping me make my dreams come true. 
Thanx to G & Gr. for believing in me. To JT I'll 
never forget being roomies You're the BEST! I'll miss 
YA! And my thanx to my friends at BPC 4 making it 
a successful & fun 2 yrs., especially 2 Benner & 
Breenie I couldn't have done it w/o ya! John, thanx 4 
all the love & support u have given me. I I.OVI: 

Jennifer Goff 

Madison, ME 

Travel Administration 

Sophomores ^*> 

God ^r.uit me the Serenity to accept the things I can- 
not change, Courage to change the things I can, and 
the wisdom to know the difference. 

Donna L. Graf 

Ludlow, MA 

Mom, thanx 4 everything. No matter what happens 
I'll always love you & be there 4 you. Cuty, Shadow, 
Misty & Teddy I love you very much. I miss & love 
you Snowy. Terry, I'm glad we are close friends. Pool, 
midnite meetings, CIA/FBI & PIC says it all. Thanx 
for always being there. Kris, 90210, "Electric Slide." 
Michele, meals & classes were ok, mall was better. 
CVS & market. "I Can C Clearly." L. C. K. S.J. F. C. 
D. C. B.J. R. S. D & everyone else, good luck & keep 
in touch. 

Heather Harrison 

Uncasville, CT 

Early Childhood Education 

56" Sophomores 


BH & JT-what a name-SHOOP! BH was it really the 
mediciner' -THE BUFFALOES, grocery getter, the 
walls. JT-u broke the slurpee machine BB-spiders, 
bologna, peanutbutter cups-Is there glass? BB & 
BH-the PLANE. JT & BB -9/16/94 Friendly s. BH, 
JT, & BB-watch out for Greyhound. RS carrds?-toe- 
guards-REF ME!-the hat this BIG-want to bowl? 
don't spill the syrup! CW-the 3- Softball 94. Mom 
Thank you so much for giving me this chance. Dad, 
Luv U always. 

*^ mm. 

Erin C. Hickey 

Maiden, MA 

Early Childhood Education 

Nancy Ellen Hiller 

Vernon, CT 

Thanks to my financial backers, 2 more to go! To JK, 
my everything, luv ya 4ever, 5/18/96. ToJB, BFA + 
MOH whatta deal! To RPS, thanx for opp's and un- 
derstanding, BP and BS. Thanx Jones clan, and ever) 
one else I can't fit in this tiny space. Thanx to family 
for support, esp. Nana luvs CAD. Good luck class ol 
95', and JB look out for that ox! 

Sophomore'' *> 

Susan Hodgkins 
East Windsor, CT 
Criminal Justice 

I would first like to thank God for seeing me through 
these past 2 years. I thank my mom for all her love 
and support. I thank my sister, Shuna, for believing in 
me. I thank Curtis for being there whenever I needed 
him, and for loving me for 4 years. I love you Pump- 
kin! Good-bye to all my girls: J. P. P. S. B. D. N. M. 
M. M. M. M. A. T. H. P. Good luck and I love you 
all! 4th floor was the best! I love you Shayla and CJ. 
Good-bye Mr. and Mrs. Mulcahy. I'll miss you both. 

Deirdre Ingram 

New Haven, CT 
Travel Administration 

5H Sophomores 


J* I 


gi I 


Naoka Iwata 

Meguro-Ku Tokyo, Japan 


Sophomores 99 

"The Girls" I love ya! Our trips Downtown, to SC, the 
LimeLite. The STOP sign. Goldfish; Cskr. Snell-AU 
you men; thanks, I love the single. Liz-STY-UK-A; 
Sat. nights at SC w/Keith; Hold your finger in the 
tunnel. Jes-You will come out w/us and like it! 
Kim-I mean Crusty; Back to class after STY-UK-A. 
Carl -You mean so much to me; The BPC bench: Get 
the towel. Meg -Gotta love her! Mom -Dad- Grams - 
Gramps-Deb, THANK YOU, I couldn't have done it 
w/o you! I LOVE YOU! 


Augusta, ME 

Business Administration 

1st, I'd like 2 thank God 4 giving me the mind & spirit 2 attend college. Monica, 
U know we've had some unique x's on the bus route!!! Remember, U only pay 4 
the bus once, get a TRANSFER!! Alva, U have been with me since those good ole 
"Central Eagle" days & U know how it is! "No, I can't bring U 2 work today!" 
Tamika, U know I am proud of U . . . keep ur head up & don't 4get the only rea- 
son U came to BP was because U wanted 2 be w/ur COUSIN! 2 all that I knew . . 
Good Luck! Don't 4get about little ole me! 

Lakesha Jones 

Springfield, MA 
Criminal Justice 

6Yj Sophomores 

Jennifer Kokoski 

Hadley, MA 

Early Childhood Education 

Thanx Mom and Dad for all the love and nope 
Thanx to all my friends at Bay Path who helped me - 
good luck to all of you. Everyone must follow their 
dreams. Digger.thanx for believing in me and helping 
me make by wishes come true. 3rd east, you're the 
best! The P flower! "I'm not goin' there . . . " "It's k 
we are Early Child. Ed. majors." Yep, I'm a country 

Sophomores 61 

Thank you to mom & dad for making me come here. 
2 yrs went so fast. "Cosette, Rebeca, Rie, Aya-We 
have many good memories. *Atsuko, Yasuko-You 
were like my sisters. *Amy, Susan-You'll be in Japan 
someday! *Imelda, Lisa -Both of your were wonderful 
roommates. *2nd East floor mates-You're great! I 
want to say thank you to all of you for making me 
comfortable all the time. Good luck for your future. 
Please keep in touch. 

Noriko Kozen 

Tokyo, Japan 

Travel Administration 

All has come & gone, yet it was the best! I love U 
Mom & Dad, thanx 4 all the love & support & I can't 
4get the most important $$. 2 all my friends: SL, CS, 
TK, JB, AB, KM, WC, & NM . . All of U have been 
the greatest, I wouldn't have made it w/o the 3rd 
floor crew. All the nights we stayed up late clowning 
around. Thanx 4 everything!!! I'll never 4get U gals! 
K-I-T! TO KR, JF, TC, & PV thanx 4 sticking by me 
through these 2 yrs. 

Eva Lam 

Springfield, MA 
Fashion Merchandising 

62. Sophomores 

Special thanks Allen, Nadeena, Andrew, & Daniel, 
Mom loves you! Sam, I'll always love you & yes, I did 
my homework. M.R., M.G., musketeers 4 ever & get 
to class on time. Water balloon fight Chris? J.C. 
thanks for believing in me, I did it. Karen M, are we 
in the right seats? 

Kathryn Larimore 

Ware, MA 
Criminal Justice 


Stephanie Lemay 

Peru, ME 

Business Administration 

To 2 special people who made this possible -1 me. 
Thank U 4 all the love & support any daughter could 
ever want. I never would have made it this far w/out 
U. You're the best! I Love You Mom & Dad! To 
Carrie, Tasha, Nicole, Wendy, Ashley, & Eva, my best 
friends, Thanx 4 being there 4 me, & all the wonder- 
ful memories. Nobody could ask 4 better tnends. I 
love & will Miss You All! 

Sophomores 6 1 

Thanks to Mom, Nanny, and Dumpa. I know that I've 
been hard to handle. Brent, keep being yourself. Mrs. 
Hopper I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. Susan 
remember Florida; Greta, Danny, and Mark (your 
love). Cape Cod; camping, The Love Boat, Rolonda, 
and P-Town. Jessie, I love you hon, but too many 
movies. Jess, my thespian, its been fun. 

Tara A. Lennox 

Windsor, CT 
Criminal Justice 

Mom & Dad, thank u 4 believing in me. Your sup- 
port & understanding give me confidence & courage 
2 dream. I luv U very much. U've taught me 2 B 
proud of who & what I am. Kelly, my sister/friend/ 
roomie/confidant; thanks 4 always listening. U've 
shown me the wisdom & maturity within myself. Eric, 
StarTrek & Star Wars. Everyone at BP, THANKS! 
Mr. & Mrs. M, thanks 4 believing in me; I'll miss ya! 
JS, luv isn't luv til it's given away. I gave u mine. 

Vikki L. Lollman 

Madison, NY 
Travel Administration 


I " 

I'll never 4get 1/3/92 when God gave me a 2nd 
chance at life; 3/6/92 when he took my best friend. 
Mom I'm going to make U proud, I know U R 
watching. I love you so much + wish you were here. 
Dad 2 more years. I don't say this enough but I luv U. 
I don't think I could have made it through those 
tough college times without U. Kimmie what can I 
say U R my best friend. Sis + Mom all in one. I luv 
U! Thanx kids I miss U so much, but U know even 
though I'm not there, I am. I luv 3E + SD! West 
Point.'' P Flowers. 14 pshew. 

Krissy Lombard 

Wells, MR 
Human Services 

Shawna Magnant 

Franklin, VT 
Interior Design 

Mom & Dad you've been my support for many years, 
thank -you for your love & sacrifices- I always knew! 
Goose, I love you too very much! All my Brookside 
Buddies: JW AS AB SB KN NT MB JI) SS lets al- 
ways keep in touch. Nicky my roommate & friend 
here's to 2 more years of laughter & craziness. Trevor, 
you're my best friend & have shared everything with 
me. Only 3 words can describe it- "We made it" (the 
other 3 are a given ). 

Sophomores 63 

Heidi Lynn Males 

Vernon, CT 

Jaime Mancinone 

Southbury, CT 
Human Services 

66 Sophomores 


Dena M. Martin 

Easthampton, MA 
Business Administration 

I made it. Boston, Chinese food, late nites on da lone 
- GD lOx so much. NO MORE DJ'S!! Cheryl yet gr8 
Gonna miss you all. Karen, Sevil, Inez, and all my 
frendz-lOx 4 bein there. Wouldn't have made it w/out 
U. Life is short so enjoy, but neva 4get what's impor- 
tant - LOVE (it shows no colours), respect, Frendz & 
Family. Mom I really do luv U. And Jason I don't 
know what I'd do w/out ya. [ LUV U BABY!! 

Sophomon s 6 7 

Kelley McCarthy 

Naugatuck, CT 
Travel Administration 

" ;? ^ 



I i i r 


1 1 



Thanks Mom & Dad for your love and support. D 
sorry for fighting about the car. NS, you have been a 
great roommate and friend. 3RD floor in Bollum was 
great (CM, NS, NM, BC, SL, DB, HM, JG, & EL). 
When I go to the "Mall", I will remember our trips 
there. Mrs. L, thanks for getting me involved in PBL. 
I enjoyed it. Good Luck. Keep in Touch. 

Kelly McGarrigle 

Holyoke, MA 

6H Sophomores 

A special thanks to my family, I couldn't have made it 
through these past two years without your love & 
support; I LOVE YOU! Thanks to the 3rd floor-you 
guys are great & fun to live with. Mrs. L. hope this 
year was what you hoped for. KS & NS for being 
there for me. To NS NM DB BC to all the memora- 
ble weekends at West Point & making this year so 
special. Hope our dream comes true. 

Christie Merrick 

Skowhegan, ME 



Nicole M. Miozzi 

Cold Spring, NY 
Legal Assistant 

To the 3rd Floor Posse: DB, AB, SL, CS, CM, BC, 
WC, NS, CA, EL, KM, TK- Would have never made 
it without you all! Thanks Mom, Dad & Siblings for 
your support and love! I LOVE YOU ALL 1 DAD I 
experienced the challenge & the challenge became the 
best experience! To my classmates: It is now the end 
for most & on dreams we depend, so follow our 
hearts and all make our most successful starts! 

Sophomores 69 

Thank you Mom & Dad, I love you! Andrea, I 
couldn't have had a better roomie & friend. Heather, I 
don't know what I would do without our friendship, 
long talks on the phone & mall people. Chuck, a de- 
cade of friendship & memories, love you babe. Chris- 
tine, thanks for all the fun x's & talks. Jamie, baby 
<qjt$ fresh & ba-bye. Best times with good friends 
AM MG MK HM KS PM DG. Best of luck to all in 
the future. 

Michelle Lynn Nicol 

Glastonbury, CT 

Early Childhood Education 

70 Sophomores 

THANKS MOM, for all your support & for putting 
up with my attitude. Luv Ya! NF & KS, u guys will 
always have a place in my heart. I luv u guys! Keep in 
touch. To all my friends at home, Kelly, Shannon & 
Sarah, U all have a special place in my heart. Thanks 
for making me get up and go to school. 

Melissa Nogas 
Enfield, CT 
Human Services 

Thank you very much to everybody who was around 
and helped me. I worked at many important experi- 
ences at Bay Path, and these will be always useful for 
me. I will not forget the time which was spent .it Ba) 
Path and I hope to keep our friendship forever, 

Naho Ohsawa 

Tokyo, Japan 
Arts and Sciences 



I would like to thank my mom and dad for all the 
support they have given me. Next I would like to 
thank my sister for introducing me to Bay Path. I 
would also like to thank my grandma, who is more 
like my friend, for always being there for me. Hello 
Penny! Hello to all my friends, you've made these 
years very special to remember. Hopefully we'll all 
still keep in touch. Good luck and I'll miss you all. 

Heather Pantalone 

Bethany, CT 
Human Services 

"Enjoy life and live everyday to the fullest." Thank 
you mom and dad for everything, without your love 
and support I wouldn't be the person I am today. An- 
drea & Michelle thanks for all the great times, laughs, 
and room & board. I will never forget you guys and I 
will always treasure the memories that we've made. 
Andrea (RELIEF), WP of luck. Mom, Dad, and Sara 

. . . love you. 8219272793 "angle" -thanxs!! "Life 

is some trip." 

Christine Paulo 

West Hartford, CT 
Travel Administration 

72 Sophomores 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Missy, Scott, Gram F, and 
Gram 2 4 all your love, support, & 4 believing in me. 
Grandpa -I love you, this one was 4 you. Shell, Tina, 
& Moe-thanx 4 the great times, there's been so many 
& there will be many more-WE FINALLY MADE 
IT!! Michelle & Jenn-thanx 4 being my best friends 
throughout the years. John -thanx 4 hanging in there- 
this is just another beginning 4-30-93 ... To all my 
other friends -Good Luck in whatever paths you 

Andrea Perreira 

Seekonk, MA 
Travel & Tourism 

Terry Place 

Rollinsford, NH 
Criminal Justice 

Mom & Dad -I Love You! Thanks 4 all u have done. 
Jess: U R the best roommate in the world! Never 4get 
Gdpa, daddy, Joey, $125 boo-boo, formal and "come 
back 2 bed." Oh Bubba! Ter: thanks 4 everything! 
What would I do without U? Hey -does your hair 
hurt.'' Kim: do 1 match/ Heath: Opposites Atti U I 
Manah. Rod. Mr Kane! U R so great-thanks 4 every- 
thing. Sis: U taught me well f Frankie) -thanks! I will 
miss U! KG, AA. TS. EA, HA. JR. RP I K the best! 
Good luck! C -ya! 

Sophomores 73 

To my friends at BP, I'll miss you! Naomi, Don't for- 
get all the talks and what they meant to me-ok Sisr* 
Lisette + Tina, Remember the shows + all the fun 
that we had! Tara, my dance buddy! Good luck! Mr. 
N, Thanks for helping me find my talents! Steven, 
You taught me always to believe in myself and to ac- 
cept new challenges with my head held high -Love 
and Thanks! Thanks also to my family! Ashley, 
Mandy, and Kate, Don't grow up too fast! CARPE 

Melissa Powers 

West Boylston, MA 

Fashion Merchandising and Retailing 

Thanx mom, dad, and Tracy 4 all your support-I luv 
you all, Mimi (8/20/84-8/17/94)- I luv u & I miss u, 
M.B-J.D: don't forget Riverside, last yr., & I will miss 
u next yr. J.G- Don't 4get the time when we walked 
back from the H.K.L, K.L- Don't 4get the good times 
and the bad, Carlos' drinks (S.D's), Carlos, the lemon 
chicken, and P-Flower. 2 every 1 else-I will miss u all. 

Shelby Purdy 

New Milford, CT 

Early Childhood Education 

^'1 Sophomores 

Thanx to everyone who helped to get me here and 
keep me here (loans, gas, food, encouragement, 
love). To the "Gang"-you're the best. Ann Mgt.- 
thanx for being you. Love + thanx for everything 
"Oscar." I love you Mom, Dad, + CJ. "Remember 
Yesterday, Enjoy Today, Anticipate Tomorrow." 

Katherine Marie Rick 

West Brookfield, MA 
Legal Studies 

Tammy Ricbcn 
fat* rg, NY 

( hiklhood Education 

SophotDort i "^ 

MOM and DAD, thanks for everything. Without you 
I wouldn't have made it this far. I hope you are proud. 
JIM, thanks for not only being my big brother, but 
for being someone I could always turn to. GREG, 
thanks for your love and support. You mean the 
world to me. Last but not least thank you God for 
putting all these wonderful people in my life. Please 
watch over them and keep them safe in Your love. I 
love and thank you all! 


Michelle Roy 

Chicopee, MA 

-V I 


Thanx Mom & Dad for the love & support you've 
given me. Where would I be without you. Rob, ev- 
eryday you are becoming more of a friend and not 
just a brother. I hope all your dreams come true. 
Thanx to my Best Buddies back home, I luv you guys 
with all my heart & no matter where our lives take us 
we will always be the best of friends. Thanx to all the 
friends I've made these past 2 years, I will never forget 
you (and you better not forget me!) 

76 Sophomores 


Thank you mom and dad for all your love and sup- 
port ur the best, I love you. Jess have some fresh cut 
flowers, here's some visine and some tissues kay?. I'm 
just going to sit in the Eddie shrine now. Dawn some 
B- light in face, and put some on my shoes, thanx. 
Cooch we better start Wed. to be ready for Thurs. 
night. Takes us just a little while. Snell where are my 
clothes, where are u? Dawn, Jess, Aim, Kim- I don't 
know what I would have done without you guys, 
thanx for being there for me, I love you always! 


It has been a crazy, but fulfilling two years at BPC. 
My parents were great and were always there for me 
when I needed things from home and to keep me go- 
ing. THANK YOU for giving me the experience of 
college. I've made several friends: Steph, Tasha, Ash- 
ley, Eva, Wendy, Nicole and several others. You all 
were great and we always made each other laugh. To 
Mike, I love you very much and I hope we have a 
bright future ahead of us together. 

Carrie Schlosser 

East Hartford, CT 
Human Services 

Thanx Mom, Dad & Sean 4 everything. I really do 
appreciate it. 2 my roommate Kristie, WE BONDED! 
ie. late night talks, being stupid, what have U. You're 
like a sister 2 me, Luv Ya! Liz & Car U guys R great. 2 
Caitlin, I'm glad we talked & Dawn, will we ever get 
through typing? 2 my friends at home, I luv ya! 2 JS, 
AB and my study group at Bollum & 2 3rd West I'll 
be missing you! 2 everyone I hope I wasn't 2 much 2 

Joanne Shaffer 
Lee, MA 


~*H Sophomores 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Shannon, and Sean. I could 
have never done it without all your encouragement 
Billy you've been through everything with me, and we 
still have forever to go. I LOVE YOU!! Kim, Nick, 
Amy, Shawna, and Susan you guys have made the 
past two years unforgettable. Kim it has been a blast, 
let's continue it. 

Amy Shea 

Naugatuck, CT 

Early Childhood Education 

Pamela Shute 

East Haven, CT 
Travel Administration 


I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for helping 
and supporting me these last 2yrs and all the yrs be- 
fore that. I would like to thank my sister Kim for be- 
ing there always. I LOVE YOU. Thanks Brandy U"v 
been a true Best Friend I hope your last semester 
well. I'd like to say Good-Bye and Thanks to the 
friends I made DI YF CA DBJS JT I hope U become 
a success. So keep Traveling and we will meet 
F.VHR." CLASS 1995! 



Mom & Dad, thank -u so much tor the opportunity, 
love .iiul support u gave me in the past 2 years. Tarn 
& ( on thanks 1 putting up w/ me & being so under- 
standing, even when I can be so impossible! 3rd 
tloor-you know who u are (KM, CM, NM, DB, 
BC)-this has been a great yr., especially the trips to 
West Point (remember the shaggy dog), weekends at 
Nicole's, let's not forget the "mall," & The Big E. I 
wouldn't have made it w/out u all, thanks! NC here 
we come! 

Nicole Sinclair 

North Pownal, VT 
Interior Design 


Thanx Mom & Dad, LUV U; Can I borrow a bandaid 
or 2; Kozloski 8am; The last stall?; Our nights 
DT&ABC; Carl-Cherry or Porsha; I have this feeling; 
LimeLight (R.P); Bryant, UMass- GOLDFISH; Never 
forget DT lam-Is that a guy.- 1 ; Seaglass; He took me 
cliff climbing; Crusty-Aim there was this hugh bug; 
Jess we almost died; Liz-where's your TV?; Lousie 
wouldn't have survived BPC w/out U;BRB Jr. u'r 
sweetpea luvs u always! 

Amy Elizabeth Snell 

Colchester, CT 
Business Administration 

80 Sophomores 


Thank you, Mom and Dad for everything you've ever 
done for me. I appreciate all the support and guidance 
you have given me. I love you both. To Cheryl, 
Dawn, Barbara and Carol you guys have been great 
friends I'll miss you all. Cheryl don't forget I no crazy 
you crazy! 

Jennifer Snow 

Middletown, CT 
Travel Administration 

Kristin Southall 

Cromwell, CT 
Travel Administration 

To my family-I Luv U! Thanx Mom, Dad, Erik. 
Mom-thanx for all your help. Jenn-Thanx for every- 
thing! Rhode Island, Navy, Friendly's. Naomi- room- 
mate, Virginia, putz, green, piggy, Irish, tattoo. Bro 
die, steal what;' mine's better! I love you. Chris-Mr. 
Wright, country music, purty.JD, sweet pea, don't say 
the D word 1 MISS YA 1 LOVE YA! Good Luck I 

Sophomores hi 







w . 

^ ^k 

Tanya Stendzis 

Fair Haven, MA 
Criminal Justice 

Thanks Mom, I never could have made it here with- 
out you. I love you and I'll never forget all you have 
done for me. Jim, thanks for being there for us, it 
meant a lot to me. Jen M. don't forget our bench. JP, 
AT, MP, AM, and JD, I'll miss you. Good luck in the 
future. CLH, You'll always have a place in my heart. 





Wendy Sudentas 

Westfield, MA 
Fashion Merchandising 

H2 Sophomores 

Sophomores 8 1 

Mom & Dad -Thanks for all the love and support 
you've given me. Heather -Thanks for always looking 
out for me. Brian -We've got a Groovy Kind of Love! 
Pookie -Thanks for being the greatest friend! Luke- 
Always! Megan-Thanks for listening! Amy-Thanks 
for putting up with me! TO CT, JT, KK, TP, MN, 
JL -Thanks for the BPC memories! 

Sarah Tennies 

Greenville, NY 

Early Childhood Education 

Thanx Mom and Dad 4 all the love and support u've 
given me thru all my years. U've made me a strong, 
loving person. Jenn & Rob- When will I b an auntie? 
Thanx 4 everything -especially ur advice -I love you 
both. Brett -2 the best looking kid at EWHS-I'll al- 
ways b proud of u! Hang in there the next 4 years! 
Marc -thanx 4 the past 4 years, they have been great. 
As far as the future -I know u always will b in mine 
somehow. Thanx again 4 being the best friend a per- 
son could have -love u. 

Carrie Thibodeau 

East Windsor, CT 

Fashion Merchandising and Retailing 

84 Sophomores 


I would like to send a big THANK YOU and I 
LOVE YOU to my wonderful family. Watch out 
Oprah, here I come! Mom -I am so proud of you and 
I only hope you are proud of me. I love you. Bob -you 
are the only father I have ever known! Sisters -WSUP? 
I did it. Thank you for the love and support! Let me 
say a big MOO MOO to Emily and Bullwinkle. And 
a I love you to Killian and Duster. Friends -I love you 
guys. Peace to you! 

Sopbowotcs H"> 

Thank you Mom and Dad for everything you've 
done. To my fiance Joey, thank you for your love and 
encouragement I will keep you always in my heart. To 
my dear sisters Jeannie and Evelyn, I miss you both 
and 1 hope you could be here. To the rest of the fam - 
ily and all of you, you mean the world to me, I Love 

ht.h ii k 

Lisa Torres 

Springfield, MA 
Travel Administration 

2 mom, dad & bros. thanx 4 all the luv, support, & 
dedication u gave me. I luv u! 2 my best pal, TP, 
thanx 4 being there, great pool games, & the $215 
boo -boo. Never 4get D, S, J, PP, Blsm. & rides to 
bkeds. BWA, go girls! The parties; what fun. TS, my 
hangout bud. TC, my d.bud. I'll miss ya. AA, no more 
football. JA, TP, TS, YP, TC, KS, HC, KG, MH, luv 
ya! Mom, dad, I couldn't have done it w/o u! JA, no 
more 6:00a. m, ok? I luv u babe! KS, more broccoli? 

Yesenia Torres 

New York City, NY 
Criminal Justice 

H6 Sophomores 


'» ' 1 


r ^ 

* if 



J: '- ■ 



^1 ^v 




Mom, Dad and Tracey, big thanks for everything you 
have done for me. Your love and support is so very 
much appreciated! To Shawna, Amy S., Amy B., Su- 
san and Kim, you guys are the greatest. You all truly 
made the past two years special. To Shawna, thanks 
for being such a great roommate and friend; I am 
looking forward to another two years filled with good 

Nicole Lyn Trapp 

Marblehead, MA 

Early Childhood Education 

Jennifer Theresa Tyson 
East Haddam, CT 
Criminal Justice 

To my parents and grandparents thanx for the love 
and support, I hope I'm making you proud. To my 
terror of a sister I love U very much, I hope you go 
far in life. BH, EH, HW,JG. DB, CA & ]K. I I RB 
BC, JS, PS, MB thanx for all the memories and all the 
fun times to come. 4/94 ZIMA! 9/16/94 Friendly's, 
Carm thanx for the laughs, Magoo & Gumby Shoop! 
Hickey what a name! Becky I can't believe you did 
that! Elmo and Gumby I miss U! To the above thanx 
for the strength. 

Sophomore'' N~ 

2 My Family, I luv u very much & thanx for all the 
support thru my school years. To: MM we will never 
•1 get those AIC parties will we? BB: Give me another 
homemade reeces peanut butter cup! Never 4 get our 
late night talks. JT: Have another at the Asylum. TG: 
WELL ALRIGHTY THEN! You're a true friend. As 
a quote from my mother: "The friends you make in 
college are your friends forever," 2 all my friends at 
BPC u know who u are We had a great 2 years. I luv 
U all! 

Roxanne Vigliotta 

Long Island, NY 
Criminal Justice 

My love and appreciation to my family & the Coles. 
At BPC, I am getting a quality education and gaining 
some great friends. I am thankful for that. Never take 
for granted what knowledge and experience can do 
for you. With tools like these, we can overcome ob- 
stacles that once seemed insurmountable. With tools 
like these, we can meet any challenge and succeed. 

Nancy Jane Wallace 

Longmeadow, MA 
Business Administration 

HH Sophomores 


Mom, Dad and Brandon thanks for helping me get 
this far. Your love and support means a lot to me. 
Jaime you've been a great roommate. Liz, just remem- 
ber when you have real stressful exams to take a deep 
breath and cry. Carolyn, call me when you're not 
free, we'll celebrate. Kelley thanks for Christmas 
music, I'll never forget our Chelsey song. To everyone 
in Brookside 3rd West, it has been a pleasure to be 
your R.A. Good luck to everyone! 

Jeannine Willis 

Hudson Falls, NY 
Criminal Justice 

Adios, every), Hasta la vista! Florida, Boston-New- 
bury, clubs, late nite cafe- Dee u are da grHtcst, luv U! 
Karen, Sevil, Inez, Erika, Tara and all my f rend 2 
being there. Every 1 on 2nd West U guvs arc gr8. 
Thanx Mom & Dad. I I.I V U!! 

Geraldine Y. Wong 


•ashion Merchandising & Retail Management 

Sophomores 89 

Lora Cross 

Winooski, VT 
Human Services 

Melinda Deleeuw 

West Suffield, CT 
Human Services 

Julie Dion 

East Longmeadow, MA 
Early Childhood Education 

Tracy Hayden 

Southwick, MA 

90 Sophomore') 

Alva Godette 

Springfield, MA 

Fashion Merchandising and Retailing 

Donna Lowry 

Enfield, CT 
Arts and Sciences 

Feme McHaffie 

Chicopee, MA 
Business Administration 



Arisya Pamudji 


Fashion Merchandising and Retailing 

Sophomores 91 

Linda Parr 

West Springfield, MA 
Interior Design 

Jennifer Peterson 

Westfield, MA 

Linda Re 

Westfield, MA 
Interior Design 

Makie Takahashie 

Tokyo, Japan 
Arts and Science 

l J2 Sophomores 

Jennifer Tyler 

Hampden, MA 

Early Childhood Education 

Sayuri Yamaoka 

Nankoku- ski, Japan 
Travel Administration 

Melissa Zukoski 

Torrington, CT 

Nicole Anair 

West Springfield, MA 
Interior Design 

Amy Apjohn 

Poultney, VT 

Early Childhood Education 

Carla Armstrong 

Hartford, CT 
Human Services 

Dulce Barrios 

Hartford, CT 

Business Administration 

Kristin Brown 

West field. MA 
Legal Assistant 

Sophomores <J } 

94 Sophomores 

Cun.i Hutch 
Bloomfield, CT 

Legal Assistant 

Jennifer Michel 

Westfield, MA 

Maria Camilleri 
Windsor Locks, CT 
Interior Design 

Kristin Norgaard 

Agawam, MA 
Fashion Merchandising 

Amy Johnson 

South Windsor, CT 

Andrea Norman 

Springfield, MA 
Interior Design 

Miquel Kulis 

Easthampton, MA 
Interior Design 

Colleen Nurenberg 

Northampton, MA 
Business Administration 

Kelly Scagliarini 

Springfield, MA 
Business Administration 

Marteen Pitkat 

Stafford, CT 
Criminal Justice 

Janet Lyon 

Springfield, MA 
Interior Design 

Jamie Racine 

Blandford, MA 
Fashion Merchandising 

Karen Martel 

Wilbraham, MA 
Fashion Merchandising 

Heather Shaw 

Holyoke, MA 
Legal Assistant 

Ann McCarthy 

Westfield, MA 

Early Childhood Education 

Sophomore ( tadids 93 

We hope that this page, showing the many facets of D 
and Mrs. S. David Frazier's days with us, will demonstrai 
our special appreciation for the smooth transition Bay Pat 
experienced while he was our interim president. Dr. and Mr 
Frazier joined the Bay Path College community in mid-Api 
of 1994. Dr. Frazier's extensive academic and administrate 
background gave him a keen insight into Bay Path's edua 
tional mission. His southern charm and quick smile cause 
him to be immediately accepted by all constituencies of tl 
college. Dr. and Mrs. Frazier, we hope your time with us w 
long be remembered. We appreciate all you did for us! 

Dr. S. David Frazier 
Interim President 

96 Dr. Frazier 

hi 9'i 


.Jr Jffifer 

* * 7 K^^ 1 



98 Administration (.andids 

'I 1 - " *~ 5 ^-<" 7 

-< " 


1 V 


-■<*- c i 




mmtmmmmmmmmmmm / mm bbbhhsmm 



Eleanor Gay 

Assistant to the President 

Dr. Shirley Johnson 

Academic Dean 

Marcia Conrad 

Dean of Students 

Paula DesRoberts 

Dean of Admissions and Advance- 

Lawrence Day 


Dr. S. David Frazier 

Interim President 

1 00 A dmmisira (ion 


>r. Ruth MacDonald 

.ssociate Academic Dean; Director, 
rts & Science 

Dr. Ellen McKay 

Assistant Professor; Director, Business & 

Joan Lacomhe 

Associate Professor; Director, Career 

Programs in Applied Business 

Dr. Victor Milani 

Professor; Director, Criminal Justice & 

)r. Carol Winters-Smith 

Assistant Professor; Director, Psychology 
Eli Education 

Atty.Joan Spacioni 

Professor; Director, Legal Studies 

Irene Herden 

Instructor. Dire tor, Thcr- 


Program Directors k>i 


Claire Barber 
Vsso< Prof, of Applied 

Business & Spanish 

Charles Bertolino 


Alexandra Burns 

Asst. Prof", of Applied 
Business & Art 

Patricia O'Neill Egan 

Instructor - English- 
as-a- Second Language 
and French 

Barbara Feret 

Head Librarian 


Janet Fox 

Asst. Prof, of English 

Virginia Freed 

Academic Counselor/ 
A.D.C. Asst. Prof. En- 
glish & E.-D. C. 

Gerald Kane 

Instructor in English 

Patricia Kmon Teresa Kozloski 

Asst. Prof, of Applied Assoc. Prof, of Business 

Business & Mathematics & Applied Business 

Dr. Cheryl Leary Estelle Leavitt 

Asst. Prof, of Psychology Asst. Prof, of Education 
& Education 

Paul Norton Charles Page 

Assoc. Prof, of Theatre Assoc. Prof, of Music & 

Andrea Russo Gina Semprebon Dr. Robert Weir 

Assoc. Prof, of Applied Asst. Prof, of Science & Assoc. Prof, of Arts &. 
Business Mathematics Sciences 

102 Faculty 


Joyce Becker 

Administrative Assistant 

Phyllis Benoit 

Receptionist & Clerk 

Phyllis Brand 

Financial Aid Clerical 

Caroline Brown 

Assistant Director of Fi- 
nancial Aid 

Janice Calcidise 
Admissions Office Coor- 

Pierrette Choiniere 

Bookstore Assistant 

Edward Ciosek 

Director of Financial Aid 

Judith Cohen 
Director of Career Ser- 

Nancy Cordone 

Karen Costa 

Computer Coordinator 


Frances Day 

Receptionist & Clerk 

Donald Doane 

Director of Sodexho 
Food Service 

Mary Dolce Nancy Dudley ( arol Dunlop 

Personnel/Business Of- Academic Counselor Coordinator of C.E. Ad- 

fice Assistant Admin. Asst. for Special missions Supervisor 


I De lores Ennis 

[ Chief of Office Services 

John Foley 

Associate Director of 


Janice Frye ).im< s ( i.illo 

Admin. Asst. Alumnae/ Academic Support i 

Development Coordina- nician 
tor Adult Programs 

I lurii ( '< Izinis 
Admission - 

Stafl m< 

Joanne Guernsey 

Director of Public Infor- 

Kimberly Hartmann 

Business Office Manager 

Cynthia Jalonen 

Accounts Payable Clerk 

Jacqueline Johnson 

Lead Teacher Preschool 

Virginia Johnson 

Personnel Administrator 
Admin. Asst. to Trea- 


Carol Jones 

Preschool Administrator 
Preschool Teacher 

William Masi 
Assoc. Dir. of Admis- 

Massimina Megliola 

Purchasing Administra- 

Maureen Naglieri 

Office Assistant 

Eric Nystrom 

Asst. Dir. of Admissions 

Judith O'Donnell 
Director of Health Ser- 

Lisa Palmer 

Asst. to Systems/Admin- 
istrator/Secretary to Ad- 
min. Asst. to Academic 

Elizabeth Pappalardo 

Asst. Dir. of Admissions 

Christine Polak 

Admin. Asst. to Dean of 

George Roberts 

Head of Security 

Kathleen Roebuck 
Asst. Dir. of Admissions 

Rita Scagliarini 

Accounts Receivable; 
Payroll Supervisor 

Sara Schirmer-Smith 
Dir. of Student Activities 

Linda Simonds 

Systems Administrator 

Susan Sliwa 

Administrative Assistant 
to the Academic Dean 

104 Staff 

Paul Stanton 

Supervisor of Mainte- 
nance Plant Operations 

Jennifer Tranghese 

.Preschool Teacher 

r4j % ; 

t" 1 


Nancy Warren Gail Wilkinson 

Assistant Director; So- Administrative Assistant 
dexho Food Service to the Registrar 


Barbara Young 

Book Store Manager 

'& $ a 

| Maintenance: Standing: Stan Bator, Ron Moson, Neil Pocai, Dan Brodeur, Domin- 
ick DiFtanco, Hector Comeau. Kneeling: Tom Dyjak, Darrell Cowlan, Bob Hallihan, 
Neil Magill. In absentia: Brian Metras, Ralph Lewis, Joe Cembura. 

Library Staff: Back Row: Diane McDonald, Marlene Economu, Kathleen Staron. 
Front Row: Barbara Feret and Jane Moriarty. In absentia: Patricia Newcombc. 







i k 



Matrons: Therese Roberts, Dot Poehler, Joyce Moriarty, Mattie Gromacki. Aroxy 
Meregian. In absentia: Shirley Cross, Alberta Coles. 

Food Service: Standing: Joan Parson, Bob Dowd. Melody Hill, <>ar\ Taylor, Hill 
McDonough. Maria Ribiero, Bev Van Wagner, Don Doane Sitting. Lina Granaudo, 
Ruth Warren, Cheryl Grandmaison. Ruth Young In absentia: ' tnd) Bo ■■ I 
Flanagan, Dena Grandsttom. Tom Hulk, Flo Jacques. Erii [alonen, David Johnson, 
Gilbert Johnson, Mary Johnson. Luther Lathan, Lucy Truoilo, Fred Warcen, N 
Warren. Brennan White. Helen Gentile. Catmina Truoilo 


Mr. Donald Belisle 
Ms. Li Ciaglo 
Atty. Anne Cohen 
Atty. Erica Cushna 
Atty. Ann Dobmeyer 
Ms. Barbara Dunn 
Atty. Nicholas Fiorentino 
Mr. Robert Keough 
Dr R. Kerns-Zucco 

Mr. John Kirchhof 

Mr. Kevin Kopacz 

Dr. Lawrence Leavitt 

Mrs Diana Coleman Lewis 

Dr. Leonard Lockley 

Dr James Malonc 
Mrs Joan Marcil 
Dr. Thomas Nolan 
Mr Michael Rhcault 
Ms Judith Robinson 
Mt David Santoro 
Atty Martha Santoro 
Mi Ronald Smaldone 
Ms Tina Stevens 

Ms Kathrvn Wic/bickiStcvens 
Mr |amcs Wilkinson 
Mrs Susan Winn 
Mil Kathleen Wright 

Stafl 1<>* 

V K. ■■■*< 

v I 

106 Student Life Candids 


/9 95 


mmmvmmMmmzm:;mm*mm:- • ■ ■^■^■■ 






1 ' T 






-■•'• r 



Residence Directors and Resident 


Brookside Hall Residence Directors 

Mr. and Mrs. Smith 

Theinert Hall Resident Assistants 

Kathy Hearns and Tina Burnell 

10H Residence Directors/Resident Assistants 


Rfci •>/( .il I urn \\ C ( nt< r 109 


1 10 Opening Day 


>rs ( <>n\ (h .man I 1 1 


L) 4 -i 


iW ' 






«*'•* ■%•! 



, fir X=2 







i n> 

7* I 

' - 

i 2 2 Student Leadership Training 



( ttDOUS D.i\ 113 



1 14 Parents ' Day /Las Vegas Night 

I\tn tils' I).i\ / l'ci,'.n V;i.'/)f / / J 


1 1 6 Father/Daughter Banquet 



n h Mother/Daughter Brunch 


Fa •>///"/) s/)ou / / 

Maroon Key 

Standing: Hilda Ambadar. Brenda Hansen, Kathy 
Hearns. Anne Marek, Dr. Johnson (Advisor), Jen- 
niter Brvant. Tracy Mvers, Nicole Trapp, Amy 
Be A, Carol Amberlock. Seated: Andrea Perreira, 
Heidi Males. Cheryl Adams, Juli Brandt, Erica 
Spinelli, Rachael Valentine, Jennifer Snow, Nancy 

Tutorial Assistants 

Jennifer Bryant, Rachael Valentine, Nicole Trapp, 
Amy Beck. In absentia: Kimberly Burnell. 

Peer Advisors 

Back Row: Kelly McGarrigle, Christie Merrick, 
Michelle Nicol, Susan Bushey, Andrea Perreira, 
Kristie Girard, Joanne Shaffer, Liz Baker, Heidi 
Chiang, Krissy Lombard, Shelby Purdy, Christine 
Dolan, Deena DesRosiers. Second Row: Robyn 
Gilcris, Jen Goff, Wendy Chapel, Dawn Breen, 
Tina Burnell, Jaime Mancinone, Joanna La- 
Brecque, Hilda Ambadar, Lora Cross, Kelley Mc- 
Carthy. Seated: Cheryl Adams, Melanie Keith, 
Kristen Swiech, Carolyn Casale, Jeannine Willis, 
Tara Guld, Michele Dubrey. 

'fHipwr i|==Sii|§§ 

1 20 Orga n i/,a tion s 

Tour Guides 

Standing: Tami Gambardella, Erin Hickey, Jenni- 
fer Tyson, Vikki Lollman, Kelley McCarthy, Eliza- 
beth Baker, Joanne Shaffer, Kristie Girard, Melissa 
Anderson, Jennifer Kokoski, Nicole Freeman. 
Seated: Mrs. Calcidise (Advisor), Amy Beck. 
Kristen Swiech, Yesenia Torres, Heidi Males, 
Sandy Pomeroy. 

Golden Z Club 

Back Row: Kathy Hearns, Erica Peterson, Karen 
Tower, Tracy Hayden, Stephanie Morey, Robyn 
Gilcris, Cheryl Lauben, Sharon Radice, Jayme 
Syska, Lizeth Tlatelpa, Kelly McGarrigle. Third 
Row: Christine Dolan, Kathy Larimore, Seychelle 
Wilson, Michelle Benner, Nicole Sinclair, Christie 
Merrick, Jennifer Shea, Amy Morris. Second 
Row: Kimberly Parks, Jennifer Peters, Sonia 
Holmes, Mrs. Cohen (Advisor), Rachael Valen- 
tine, Stephanie Zhawred, Jenn Fulcher, Billie Jo 
Gratton, Jennifer Goff, Krissy Lombard. Seated: 
Angela Hayward, Katherine Lambalot, Carol Am- 
berlock, Hilda Ambadar, Karen Root, Gracia 
Kimball, Samantha Ferber, Bessy Bonilla. In ab- 
sentia: Jocelyn Desmarais, Kelly Taylor, Rie Toy- 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Standing: April Thomas, Michelle Discepolo 
Tracy Hayden, Heidi Males, Dawn Johnston Da 
ryll Craven, Yesenia Perez, Carolyn Fourniet 
Seated: Dawn Breen, Christie Merrick, Mrs La 

combe (Advisor), Mary Ann McHoul, Kelly Mc 
Garrigle. Andrea Luis, Nicole Mumford. 

Ori^.tni/.itions 121 


Standing: Michelle Habeeb, Yasuko Tanaka, Car- 
oline Leits. Toshimi Suzuki, Noriko Kozen, 
Stephanie ZhawreJ. Rachael Valentine, Deena 
Houle. Michele Dubrev. Alana Fuller, April Tho- 
mas, Susan Bushev. Seated: Katherine Lambalot, 
Rie Funahashi. Lora Cross, Jennifer Shea, Carla 
Armsttong. Yesenia Torres, Melissa Powers, Jen - 
niter Bedell. 


Standing: Yasuko Tanaka, Erica Haley, Carla 
Armstrong. Liling Tan, Alana Fuller. Seated: Car- 
oline Leits, Stephanie Zhawred, Michele Dubrey, 
Deena Houle, Melissa Powers. 

Bay Path Dancers 

Standing: Melissa Zukoski, Maria Gladstone, 
Amy Clark, Darby Seagrave, Eileen Andaya, Tracy 
Glover, Daryll Craven. Seated: Carla Armstrong, 
Jeannine Willis, Amy Beck, Melissa Powers. In 
absentia: Amy Shea and Jessica Dolan. 

122 Organizations 

Student Government 

Back Row: Tina Burnell, April Thomas, Susan 
Bushey, Murielle Lorrius, Christie Merrick, Tami 
Gambardella, Heidi Males, Kathy Hearns, Wanda 
Feliciano, Jennifer Goff, Krissy Lombard, Shelby 
Purdy, Christine Dolan, Melissa Powers, Kimberly 
Parks, Melissa Anderson, Seychelle Wilson, Erica 
Haley. Second Row: Yesenia Perez, Tara Guld, 
Brenda Hansen, Dawn Breen, Jocelyn Desmarais, 
Melanie Keith, Chanda Waryas, Michele Dubrey, 
Erica Spinelli, Daryl Craven and Jennifer Bryant. 
First Row: Jaime Mancinone, Kelley McCarthy, 
Mary Ann McHoul, Valerie Quagliaroli, Anne 
Marek, Kristen Swiech, Deena DesRosiers, Kristen 
Chadderton, Vikki I. oilman, Karen Root. 

Literary Magazine 

Standing: Dr. MacDonald (Advisor), Liling Tan, 
Kathy Hearns. Seated: Jocelyn Desmarais, Ann 
Morris, Melanie Keith and Karen Root. 

Wellness Plus 

Standing: Gtraldme Wonp, Dcna Martin, Inez 
Tio. Seated: Amy Morris. Karenjil K.uir. s ' vi 
Yazici and linka Yoshihara. 

Organizations 123 


Standing: Kimberlv Parks, Jennifer Gray, Deena 
DesRosiers, Knsten Chadderton, Joanna La- 
Brecque. Seated: Tara Mansfield (Secretary), Cai- 
tlin Donahue. Tina Burnell (President), Jaime 
Mancinone (Vice President), Kelley McCarthy. 

Food Committee 

Standing: Charlotte Earlington, Don Doane, Mel- 
issa Anderson. Seated: Jen Kokoski, Heathet Har- 
rison. Michele Dubrey. 

Movie Club 

Standing: Melissa Anderson. Seated: 
Hearns.Jen Kokoski, Michele Dubrey. 


1 24 Org a n i/.a tions 


Freshman Council 

Seychelle Wilson, Elizabeth Brown, Daryll Craven. 

Sophomore Council 

Jocelyn Desmarais, Tami Gambardella. Heidi 
Males, Dawn Breen. In absentia: Charlotte Ear- 
lington, Jaime Mancinone. 

Junior Class Officers 

Melanie Keith (Secretary/Treasurer), Brenda 
Hansen (President), Dcena DesRosiers (Vice 
President), Dr. Leary (Class Advise 

OrgMttizMtioas 125 

Senior Class Officers 

Karenjh Kaur (President), Kristen Chadderton 
[Vice President^. Sevil Yazici (Secretary), Tina 
Burnell ( Treasurer ) . 

Environmental Science Club 

Standing: Heather Harrison. Christine Dolan, Inez 
Tio. Liz Reed, Kelley McCarthy, Melissa Zukoski, 
Jocelyn Desmarais, Kathy Hearns. Seated: Vikki 
Lollman, Kristen Chadderton, Ms. Semprebon 
( Advisor), Deena DesRosiers. 

STEPS Coordinators 

April Thomas and Melissa Anderson. 

126 Organizations 

Day Students' Club 

Back Row: Daryll Craven and Cheryl Lauben. 

Seated: Angela Hayward and Christine Dolan. 


Standing: Bree Dihlmann, Roxanne Vigliotta, 
Melissa Thibeault, Todd Ditmar, Kelley Mc- 
Carthy, (Coach), Carrie Schlosser, Joanne Shaffer, 
Stephanie Lemay, Kristie Girard, Tracy Glover, 
Darby Seagrave, Lisa Francis. Seated: Allison Mil - 
ligan, Heidi Males, Interim President Frazier, Mrs. 
Frazier, Lora Cross, Bessy Bonilla. 


Standing: Murielle I.orrius. Bree McDermott, 
Gracia Kimball, Carolyn Rukus, Gillian DrugOS, 
Caroline I.eits, Sevchelle Wilson, Miri.ini Holmes 
(Coach). Seated: Kathy Hearns, Melissa Zukoski. 
Jocelyn Desmarais, Melanie Keith, Soma Holmes, 
Jenn Moyston (Asst. Coach i. 

OrgaaizMtioas 12) 


Back Row: Todd Ditmar (Coach), Shawna Mag- 
runt. Frin Hickev. Steve Smith (Coach). Second 
Ro\%: I e a n n i n e Willis, Am)' Shea, Brandy 
D Alessio. Front Row: Cheryl Adams, Carrie 
Schlosser. Geraldine Wong. 

Theatre Workshop 

Back Row: Jayme Syska, Sharon Radice, Heidi 
Chiang, Kimberly Parks, Toshimi Suzuki, Noriko 
Kozen, Karen Root, Samantha Ferber, Amy Clark, 
Erica Yoshihara, Inez Tio, Christine Chan, Sevil 
Yazici, Veronica Rodriguez, Karenjit Kaur. Sec- 
ond Row: Aimee Tompkins, Jennifer Shea, Alana 
Fuller, Melissa Powers, Tracy Glover, Susan 
Bushey. Front Row: Julian Kan, Katsura Umeda, 
Rebecca Caswell, Jennifer Bedell, Sharon Jaca- 
praro. Tina Burnell. 


■ fill * 



, » T" 




1 k 

12H Organizations 

( aadids 129 



Oliver Andrew Stinger 

Fagin Waldo Goodermote 

Dodger Lisette Thompson 

Bill Sykes James Wolf 

Nancy Alana Fuller 

Bet Melissa Powers 

Mr. Bumble Christopher Leary 

Widow Corney Erica Haley 

Mr. Brownlow Steven Chandler 

Mr. Sowerberry Dan Bausch 

Mrs. Sowerberry Susan Bushey 

Charlotte Tracy Glover 

Noah Claypoole Matthew Harrison 

Dr. Grimwig Daniel Derby 

Mrs. Bedwin Susan Bushey 

Old Sally Jennifer Bedell 

Paupers Matt Chandler 

Steven Chandler, Jr. 


Dan Bausch, Jennifer Bedell, Susan Bushey, Matt Chandler, 

Steven Chandler, Steve Chandler, Jr., Daniel Derby, Craig 

Duda, Tracy Glover, Ramon Gonzalez, Erica Haley, Matthew 

Harrison, Mark Mickey, Chris Neville, Karen Root, Wendy 



Liz Caradonna, Elissa Chasen, Zach Cohen, Sarah Derby, 
Caitlin Dubois, Jaime Ericksberg, Gabriel Gonzalez, Kevin 
Gebo, Sarah Goodwin, Melanie Martinez, Shelagh McAlpine, 
Jaime Rossitto. 

1 30 Oliver! 



Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi Alana Fuller 

Ernestina Susan Bushey 

Ambrose Kemper Craig Duda 

Horace Yandergelder Christopher Leary 

Ermengarde Jennifer Bedell 

Cornelius Hackl Daniel McDermott 

Barnaby Tucker Daniel Derby 

Minnie Fay Lisette Thompson 

Irene Molloy Erica Haley 

Rudolph Ramon Gonzalez 

Judge James Wolf 


Amy Beck Dan Bausch 

Tammy Blood Steven Chandler, Jr. 

Amy Clark Ramon Gonzalez 

Tracy Glover Matthew Harrison 

Melissa Powers Christopher Neville 

Kelly Scagliarini Steven Resnic 

Darby Seagrave James Wolf 

Liling Tan Budd Williams 

Understudies: Horace, Steven Resnic; Ermengarde, Tammy 
Blood; Cornelius, Barnaby, Craig Duda; Irene, Minnie, 
Melissa Powers; Rudolph, James Wolf. 

132 Hello Dolly! 

It. JM 

■ 1 ^T r ^' : 


H^^w 5^*(fr 

//, //„ Do//k.' / W 

1 34 Current I: vents 

95 Graduates 


Cheryl Adams 


Hilda Ambadar 


Nicole Anair 


Eileen Andaya 


Kimberly Anderson 


Amy Apjohn 


Carla Armstrong 


Cynthia Aube 


Rebecca Aubin 



Elizabeth Baker 
Kim Barbero 
Duke Barrios 
Michele Bayer 
Amy Beck 
Tracy Bednarz 
Michelle Benner 
Carol Benoit 
Susanne Bertoldo 
Ashley Blair 
Tammy Blood 
Tamara Bowlen 
Juli Brandt 
Marci Breau 
Dawn Breen 
Kristin Brown 
Richelle Brown 
Kimberly Burnell 
Tina Burnell 
Rebecca Bush 
Susan Bushey 
Gina Butch 



Jennifer Dawes 
Melinda Del.eeuw 

Tara Delskey 
Julie Dion 
Christine Dolan 
Jessica Dolan 
Caitlin Donahue 
Michele Dubrey 

Charlotte Earlington 
Laurie Economidy 




Cynthia Jalonen 
Jennifer Janecek 





Naomi Fink 



Jessica Florence 



Jennifer Franklin 



April Frost 



Dawn Fuller 



Rie Funahashi 









Tami Gambardella 



Kimberly Gates 



Deborah Gebo 



Heather Gess 



Kristie Girard 



Alva Godette 



Jennifer Goff 



Kimberly Gonyea 



Katherine Goodwin 



Donna Graf 



Gail Greany 



Jennifer Harrington 


Maria Camilleri 


Heather Harrison 


Terrie Capolupo 


Kimberly Hartmann 


Michelle Carter 


Tracy Hayden 


Carolyn Casale 


Erin Hickey 


Kristen Chadderton 


Nancy Hiller 


Wendy Chapel 


Susan Hodgkins 


Pamela Chase 


Jennifer Hoffman 


Heidi Chiang 


Kelley Hyde 


Kimberly Choinski 


Lisa Cole 



Barbara Corey 



Allison Couture 


Laurie Couture 


Deidre Ingram 


Lora Cross 


Naoko Iwata 


Kimberly Cuccia 



95 dr.tdll.lK s 135 



Carlene Kangas 

lit Kaur 
Megan Kelly 
Natasha Kennedy 

Lisa Kirk 
Jennifer Kokoski 
Jill Kozaczka 
Noriko Kozen 

lei Kulis 


I \ .1 Lam 

Kathiyn Larimore 
Tammy Lawrence 
Stephanie Lemay 
Tara Lennox 
Dorothy Lis 
Vikki Lollman 
Krissy Lombard 
Donna Lowry 
Erin Lundgren 
Janet Lyon 


Shawna Magnant 
Heidi Males 
Jaime Mancinone 
Tara Mansfield 
Dena Martin 
Melissa Martin 
Trieste Maxim 
Ann McCarthy 
Kelley McCarthy 
Kelly McGarrigle 
Feme McHaffie 
Heidi McLaughlin 
Christie Merrick 
Jennifer Michel 
Nicole Miozzi 
Jennifer Moyston 
Michele Murphy 



Kristin Norgaard 


Andrea Norman 


( olleen Nurenburg 






Naho Ohsawa 

Fumiko Oh no 






Toby Fadegenis 


Heidi Palliardi 


Arisya Pamudji 


Heather Pantalone 


Sabrina Parise 


Linda Parr 

Christine Paulo 

Andrea Perreira 

Jennifer Peterson 

Marteen Pitkat 


Terry Place 


Melissa Powers 

Shelby Purdy 



Jamie Racine 
Cynthia Raimo 
Linda Randall 
Jessica Rapo 
Linda Re 
Elizabeth Reed 
Katherine Rick 
Tammy Rieben 
Michelle Roy 

Michelle Nicol 
Melissa Nogas 


Mindy Ryan 





Elizabeth Sabol 


Paula Santaniello 


Jennifer Sawyer 


Carrie Schlosser 


Robyn Schmeltz 


Joanne Shaffer 


Heather Shaw 


Amy Shea 


Pamela Shute 


Nicole Sinclair 


Diane Smith 


Amy Snell-Bisson 

Jennifer Snow 

Kristin Southall 

Erica Spinelli 

Claire Stafford 

Tanya Stendzis 


Wendy Sudentas 


Toshimi Suzuki 









Makie Takahashi 
Kasumi Takikawa 
Sarah Tennies 
Carrie Thibodeau 
April Thomas 
Inez Tio 

Aimee Tompkins 
Lisa Torres 
Yesenia Torres 
Nicole Trapp 
Jennifer Tyler 
Jennifer Tyson 



Rachael Valentine 
Roxanne Vigliotta 



Nancy Wallace 
Chanda Waryas 
Jill Whalen 
Jeannine Willis 
Geraldine Wong 



Sayuri Yamaoka 
Sevil Yazici 

Melissa Zukoski 




136 75 Graduates